Please help

very new to huel and I’m worried I’m doing something wrong. No headaches, bloating, wind,or constipation, tiredness, or leg cramps, oh and also love the taste, can anyone help.


My guess is that the people who have not experienced any problems, have not felt the need to publish it which creates a sort of skewed representation.

Congrats on not having any problems, it certainly makes the transition to Huel easier! Enjoy the journey! :slight_smile:


Im on day 6 and havent had any of these issues I think your fine.

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I think you’re one of the few here that realise Huel is just food. Not some magic powder that can have dire consequences.

Well done.


Well done. Your body accepted Huel without any adjustment period. Many including mine did need an adjustment period.

Your paper hat is in the post.

ahh thanks…

Same here… three days in, 100% huel and no adjustment needed. I like the vanilla flavour; adding coffee; the flavour pouches. feel great actually.

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Useful as toilet paper for those needing adjustment…

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same here… no negatives and like the flavor. Scary… :wink:

Hi there! I’m also really happy with the whole huel experience. If anything, I’m finding that it’s helping me with issues I’d just taken for granted my whole life without realising there was a problem. The IBS my Dr put down to stress has gone, and my bathroom trips are much nicer (and more regular) rather than the horrors that some people seem to be experiencing, and my sweet tooth has reduced considerably. I still have most of my Christmas chocolate gifts in a drawer in the kitchen!
I work in quite a high pressure environment which involves a lot of driving from site to site - I currently have a commute of over 110 miles each way - so the convenience and cost effectiveness of huel is fantastic too. Plus, eating vegan on the road is a 'mare at the best of times, so my ethics are happier as well :slight_smile:
I’ve not lost any weight, but am feeling so much better generally that’s ok, and I’m not massively over what I should be tbh … my shape has changed a bit though. Maybe replacing some fat with muscle due to the higher protein / lower sugar ratio …
Oh, and I’m finding that I don’t have to eat as frequently … I tend to use food as punctuation in my day, so when I have a difficult problem to figure out I’ll reach for a snack, or if I finish a big piece of work I’ll grab a coffee and biscuit before moving onto the next thing … But with a bottle of huel to drink slowly over a period of time on my desk, that habit seems to be reducing too, which can’t be a bad thing.

Onwards and upwards say I.


Hahaha I love your post :joy: