New to huel, but pleasantly surprised

I discovered huel through a Facebook ad a while back and after reading about it I wanted to try it SO BAD but didn’t have the money at the time. Anyway, I was talking to a friend about it and they decided to try it but ended up not wanting it anymore because it gave them um… Digestive… Issues. So they offered to give it to me and I excitedly took it off their hands, although after hearing their experience I knew what all was at stake. So I waited for my weekend so whatever would happen would happen in the comfort of my own home and well… Nothing happened. I feel fine, I’m not even bloated or anything. And the taste is soo much better than I was expecting! Better than my previous meal replacement as well! When I needed to clean up my diet and lose some weight before I would always resort to the 10 day green smoothie cleanse by jj Smith, which is GREAT and super effective, but takes some prep work ahead of time, is difficult to maintain willpower on and well… DOES give me bathroom problems. Now I’m not saying I will never do another smoothie cleanse, but I will definitely be incorporating huel into my diet long term. It’s easy, tastes great, and it’s better than my normal habits of burger King and taco bell every day! What’s great too is its not just a 10 day thing… I can do these two shakes for breakfast and lunch and make a healthy dinner… for as long as I want. I am so happy that this product is sitting right with me and that I don’t hate the flavor! Thank you huel!