My Personal Experience

20 days into my Huel experience and I love it. I love the convenience of it and that it’s vegan and that I don’t need to think about cooking.

Few gripes are farts, indigestion, severe bloating, and heart burn but everyone seems in the same boat.

One thing I’d like to ask the Huel team is would it make me fall asleep…Odd I know.

I have a 2 year old who doesn’t sleep great, I have a normal day with her and then work on a night when she’s in bed, go to bed about 12-2am and get up about 6am. Yes not enough sleep I know that but I’ve been doing similar for the paSt 2 years and can just about get through the day. Since being on Huel Apparantly I look like crap and am falling asleep at 2pm most days.

IT could be that I’m just shattered but as I said I’m used to living like this.

My Dad (RIP) was a Celiac and I’ve always wondered if I have a gluten sensitivity. I’ve not been checked, not sure you can or not, but wondered would you guys as nutritionists/dieticians recommend the gluten free one and does it taste any different to the vanilla one?

I cancelled my reorder this week as I haven’t even opened last week’s box yet. So I might go gluten free next but wanted to hear your or anyone’s opinions.

Also I fancy adding tumeric and beetroot powder, has anyone done this? Purely for health benefits.

Thanks in advance

I was laid pretty low when I started too. The wind blew over pretty quickly for me. In fact I’m probably digestively better than I’ve been in the last 20 years. My issue was the drop in carbs, I went from a diet of fruit based muesli, noodles, rice, pasta and ice cream to about 80% HUEL overnight. It was like I’d lost a battery. Bloating is usually a sign something in your diet is disagreeing with something in the gut.

My wife went on the Gluten free version so we got in four bags, which I’ve since eaten :slight_smile: - it tastes exactly like the non-GF version and of course is unflavoured. I prefer unflavoured to the sweetened and pretty much drink it straight three times a day. I’m in the minority I think so, but the GF version for two bags and a flavour pouch or add your own - try it out. If you do have an issue the difference will be life changing. I had lactose issues for years and not knowing was a cheese munching veggie until I went on a diet with a girlfriend - been a different life since giving it up (though, as above I can’t resist a good ice cream - I just know it’ll have an immediate effect - that and real ale :blush:

I also found that my stomach glitches went when I took to Huel 100% - I did it for a week with nothing else, now I have food some weekend days and special occasions and have no issue at all. I feel your gut has problems adjusting when you’re continually switching

Thanks for your reply.

Real ale is my downfall. Only have about 3-4 bottles over a week but better than that amount every night!

I still have the occasional meal or quick snack of I forget to take a bottle out with me but I had red meat the other night just spicy beef, carrot and peppers as my wife wouldn’t have eaten it all and I hate waste. I don’t say I’m a vegan I just try to be vegan but I hate waste more than I hate eating meat.

BTW my username has a typo meant to be judderman not mam lol.

When doing exercise I’ve found my energy doesn’t plummet and I recover quick too whereas before after some HIIT running or biking that I’d be ruined for days.

Really struggling with heartburn still and severe bloating. It’s exacerbated with exercise and makes it absolutely not enjoyable. I have to just fight through it, and I have definitely noticed an increase or lack of burning out of energy which is great.

Just about to go gluten free Huel but can anyone suggest what might be causing the bloating. The heartburn is ok if I eat Rennie like they’re sweets but the bloating, I simply want to pop my tummy to deflate it.

I haven’t tried apple cider vinegar yet. I’m 99% Huel the odd snack or fruit but other than that it’s Huel.

Cut out the real ale. I can use the stuff as a purgative. It’s the yeast, just a couple of pints and I empty like someone cut me in half. You may find you have a yeast issue going on