Why does Huel make me fall asleep?!

Hi folks,

I’m currently in the gym and it’s 15:40. I had 9 hours of sleep last night, woke up with a Huel shake (6 scoops) at 09:00 followed by another at 12:00. I am trying to work out and I’m walking around yawning non-stop and this has been going on for a while. Sometimes after a lot of Huel I literally cannot even keep my eyes open and drift off on a 2 hour nap and wake up so disorientated. What is in Huel that’s doing this? It’s great stuff and I’ve been on it for a few months but I feel like I’m drinking crushed up sleeping pills!

Any ideas? Help?!

Might sound weird, but are you sleeping too long? Over 8 hours makes me feel horrendous all day!

Same happened to me during the adaptation phase. It went away with time.

Weird, it never happened to me, I’ve just had for supper and no negative effects whatsoezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…zzzzzzzzzzz

6 scoops in one go ? If so that’ll be close on thousand calories Im sure that maybe the reason. Try just 3 scoops 570ml

Are you taking the gluten free version?
My wife has celiac disease, she would fall asleep like a narcoleptic. When she learnt of her condition, and she cut any gluten source or contamination, she stopped having this issue.

Gluten free huel is excellent in our experience.

I am exactly the same, I can literally fall asleep any time of the day :confused: Has anyone any idea how long this phase will last? I’m currently having huel for breakfast & lunch , with a healthy evening meal. Would I be better to just stick to huel completely until I get through this phase. I’ve lost 40lbs so far & I feel like I’m finally controlling my emotional eating but I need to exercise more & cant because I’m exhausted when I get in from work. Any ideas welcome!

I’m also a coeliac & have gluten free huel

Have you tried having a nap (or siesta!) when you get home and before you exercise? I take one sometimes and find it helps, so long as I’m sleeping for only around half an hour. If I nap too long it takes longer before I’m ready to exercise.

I also have a banana and a caffeine pill 30 minutes before my workout for an extra boost.

I have this past week been experimenting with smaller portions of Huel (I was having 125g with water which is 500kcals). I switched to 75g of Huel with 25g of vegan protein powder and didn’t feel as sleepy afterwards.

The last 2 days I’ve switched again to a mix of desiccated coconut, Huel and protein powder as recommended by James Collier for those who want a low(er) carb version, and the results also seem positive and without strong tiredness kicking in.



I was just thinking about this. I’ve had a breakfast and lunch Huel today for the first time and was feeling a little tired around 4pm. Normally if I have Huel twice in one day it would be Breakfast and Dinner. More often it’s just for Breakfast. For me I don’t think it is anything about Huel, directly, that caused it. Normally I’d have something sugary and/or a drink with caffeine as part of lunch or a snack later in the afternoon. I’ve not done that today because I’m not hungry and I’m pretty sure that is why my sugar/caffeine craving brain is slumping.

Carbohydrates can cause sleepiness. Is it possible that you aren’t used to the carbohydrate level in Huel?

If you suffer such severe fatigue, you might want to ask a professional. Celiachia, as suggested above, is one of the diseases that can cause extreme fatigue and food cravings. If that was the case, you would feel better just after few weeks of 0 gluten contamination in your food, face creams and toothpaste. Yes, it’s such a serious disease.
Serious fatigue can come from other allergies, intolerances and diseases.

Huel, in my experience, is generally highly tolerated by the body, allergen free as much as possible for a complete food.

Thanks I will try the protein powder+ coconut, do you have the quantities you use? I have tried napping, but I fall in too deep a sleep & sometimes don’t wake until the morning :grimacing:

Sure, I use 15g of desiccated coconut with 45g of Huel and 40g of vegan protein powder. This comes to 431kcals for me.

I’ve only mixed this by shaking vigorously by hand. I find I have to chew on the coconut but I like that!

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