Trying for a second time; Huel previously made me very tired

Hello. I am going to try Huel again however previously it made me very tired. I was advised to ease into using Huel more slowly so that my body is better able to adjust to it. My plan would be to run off Huel completely without “regular food”.

Last time I went straight into it, with two meals consisting of 6-9 scoops of Huel. This made me very drowsy about an hour after the first “meal” each day – for practically the rest of each day I used Huel.

Can anyone share any success in overcoming the tiredness? I was using the gluten-free version, however this time I am just going to try the regular version.

Is the 6-9 scoops per meal or per day?

I believe it was two sets of 6-9 scoops. So 12-18 scoops divided over two large servings within an 8-10 hour window.

Yes sorry, I should have said “two meals consisting of 6-9 scoops of Huel each”.

Eating a large meal can make you drowsy…9 scoops in one meal is about 1500 calories…that’s quite a bit. 6 scoops is about 1000. Have you tried smaller portions?

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Well I am used to eating infrequently, but I take your point. I’ll try breaking them up a little bit this time. I have to say though, the tiredness was unlike any other food-related tiredness – it was a genuine “need to sleep right now” tiredness, almost as if I felt ill.

Will share my experience after tomorrow.

Edit – Going to start tomorrow (9th Dec) instead…

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Wow, of the hundreds of Huelers whose Huel practices I’ve read on here, that is by far the biggest serving size I’ve come across. I eat 6-9 scoops per day and that’s spread out at 2 scoops per serving!

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Yes, that’s what I thought…I find my 3 scoop meals just right.

Just kidding. Tomorrow I will give it another go with smaller servings.


Not much to share today but I started small. I eat almost the same thing every day, and so today I took maybe up to 100g worth of Huel to replace a smaller percentage of my calories. I felt fine. I’ll gradually scale it up each day into 3-4 separate servings. I noticed today with Huel I felt far less hungry than I usually am… It is quite satiating.


I think it’s the carbs making you sleepy. I can eat large meals of mostly protein and don’t get the drowsiness afterwards, but it’s a different story if carbs are involved and make up 40%+ of the meal.


Yeah I’ve started to notice that I’ve been feeling really tired every day since restarting Huel. It’s pretty annoying. I think perhaps the only way to make this work is by having it a few hours before bed. I’ll have to start doing this.

I honestly could have gone to sleep at 9.30 a.m. today. I’m 23, healthy, and feel fatigued all throughout the day every day after having Huel (I do not get this tiredness without it).

Only taking 6 scoops at this point too. The tiredness lasts the entire day.

Hey, I get the tiredness too. I have 3 scoops with a banana and my brain gets zonked and my eyes aiche.

Age you on vanilla or unflavoured? I use vanilla gluten free.

If you discover what causes it I’d be so happy to know. Thanks

Since my last post I’ve been checking my blood glucose levels and I think perhaps I’m pre diabetic and having too much huel too quickly is causing me sugar spikes and crashes.

You might be having the same?

Could be worth checking your own BG levels

I felt the opposite. Invigorated. But I am only using it to replace 1 meal - 2 scoops. Holds me over for hours too.