Does Huel make you tired?

I’ve been on Huel for a few weeks. I love the Vanilla and it stops my sugar cravings. I have 2 Huels 2 meals a day or sometimes just 1 Huel with 2 meals a day. I’ve noticed that after I drink a Huel…about 4 hours later I feel exhausted. I feel drained as though I can’t keep my eyes open. Sometimes I feel I’m so tired that I’m gonna pass out. I’ve also experienced ‘meat sweats’ a couple of times. I drink 2 litres of water a day and exercise 4/5 times a week. Why am I experiencing this? I really don’t want to stop my Huel intake because in has helped me massively combat my sugar cravings and it’s so easy to prepare. My food meals are all healthy ones so why am I feeling so exhausted from this product?

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I’ve been feeling quite a bit tireder than normal too (about 2 weeks in here) and I’m putting it down to my body getting used to not having sugar. I gather that can make you feel pretty tired in and of itself, so I’m hoping it’ll even out.

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@MiNK have you lost any weight during this time?

I’ve lost cm not much weight in scales! Lost 10lbs since beg. Jan. The point is I really notice the difference between the days when I ‘half’ Huel it and the days when I don’t Huel at all. And When I Huel I’m exhausted. It completely drains me. I’m drowsy and feel drugged up. It’s awful! I’m so upset because I love the taste.

Check how u feel 4 hours after a Huel!

On the days when you have Huel, how much are you having? in grams or scoops?

On on the day when you have a meal instead of Huel - what does the meal consist of? please be very specific.

I have 2 scoops with 400 ml of water once or twice a day. All my other meals on Huel days or non Huel days are healthy. Fish chicken salad veg .

  1. What times are you having Huel and your other meals; more specifically what are you having in the meals?

  2. Are you doing any exercise? when and what type?

  3. Do you drink tea / coffee? when and how much?

  4. Prior to the change to Huel, typically what were you eating?

@JamesCollier ok so I would have a Huel 7:30 for breakfast, then I exercise for an hour. 11:30 I have fish and salad with 2 crackers…followed by a bowl of strawberries and kiwi. 2:30 I have a Huel and 6 o’clock I have chicken and veg. I have 2 coffees a day before lunchtime with half a teaspoon on coconut oil in it. I find the coconut oil helps my hair and nails stay healthy. No milk! I have pukka aniseed tea about 2/3 a day. Caffeine free! I drink water throughout the day. I am pretty healthy. I started this routine on the 1st of Jan. I was determined to start 2016 healthy. I exercise 4/5 mornings a week straight after my Huel brekky.

Thanks - there’s nothing there that springs to mind as to why you’re feeling tired. Is this a case every day? Have you tried having something else instead of Huel at the same times to see if you still have the same tired feeling?

@JamesCollier only when I have Huel ! I’ve tested it!

Huel was used exclusively to fuel today’s 2-hour gym session. Full of energy all the way through. It’s likely not Huel making you tired.

Do you happen to be sensitive or intolerant to gluten? I have a friend who’s basically been bed bound through fatigue for 3 days because she ate chips that were not GF. Might be a bit of a stretch!

I find I get tired after Huel as well. Normally for about half an hour/hour though after drinking it for breakfast/Lunch (I eat it for two meals a day). I wonder if that’s just the energy it takes to digest Huel?

Or maybe as someone said earlier in the threat, it’s a Gluten thing. How much gluten is there in the normal version?

But I generally love Huel- just wish I didn’t get the short term tiredness.

When Huel was tested, the PPM of Huel was technically gluten free (If my memory serves me correctly). However - the source of the ingredients is not certified, so it would vary.

The non-gluten free version is by far gluten free enough for people without gluten issues not to have to worry about gluten.

That’s far too many times for gluten to appear in one sentence…

Thanks- so it sounds like tiredness is unlikely to be linked to gluten in Huel, either the normal, or the gluten free version (given low levels in both).

Well, who knows! You might have a high-gluten level Huel (it must vary), and be massively Gluten intolerant.

I can only really tell you that I don’t have the same tiredness you describe - which doesn’t help you at all!

FYI: the reference I was takling about. 17PPM

I’m not sure what’s happening either. I just started 3 days ago, have been replacing breakfast and lunch and having a normal meal for dinner. It feels like when I cut sugars and carbs and my brain just zonks out. When I do the sugar detox it takes a couple days of strict no sugar for me to feel this way. I don’t get how this can happen by replacing 2 meals?

I haven’t been working out, not sure if it would help.

I also have the same problem. Huel leaves me comatose for the rest of the day. I am a big fan of huel but I have had to stop because I was falling asleep driving home. I have always had GF huel.