Can Huel make you tired?

Hey everyone,

I was hoping for some advise. I’ve been using huel regularly for about 6 months without any issues now. However last week I’ve been consuming only huel and I’ve noticed I’ve been really tired a lot recently even when I get a really good sleep. Is this a typical problem with huel? Has anyone else experienced anything similar? If so did it go away after a transitional stage or was it a permanent side affect?

Any help much appreciated!

It had the opposite effect on me. When I am 100% Hueling I need much less sleep and don’t get sluggish moments through the day. Most of the time I am about 60% Huel, but feel no more tired than when not Hueling at all…

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Hey Jack, your body is definitely trying to tell you something. How many calories per day are you having? What about tea and coffee?

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Are you drinking enough extra water? Like hunzas it also has the opposite effect on me, I have more energy, it’s other types of food or junk in my case, that generally makes me tired and sluggish


Are there (any) other lifestyle factors that may be responsible for your lethargy?

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Cheers for all your responses! Very glad to hear it is unlikely to be the huel that has been making me tired.

I haven’t been keeping track of calories to be honest I just take huel when I feel hungry. Don’t drink tea of coffee. I will try drinking more water, always a good thing to do anyways, to see if that helps. It may be to do with medication I am on but have been taking that for a while now.

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easy answer is consume more

to me its proof calories is pretty far off the mark regarding a relevant measurement of the way energy works

more Huel = problem solved