Huel for improving energy?

I have a terrible diet, ill admit that much. Due to my current lifestyle i often skip breakfast, eat a skimpy lunch(few bars of oats or light fruits) and eat something for dinner such as a deli sandwich or pizza.
I’m underweight for my age and height, my physician informed me of that and that i also lack vitamin d and B12.

For as long as i can remember i’ve dealt with extreme fatigue and tiredness even if i get a full nights rest, recently dealing with memory lost(short term). I know that most of my problems arise from a terrible diet but with my fast pace lifestyle and the high cost of living here while making little money makes it hard to change.

Curious as to the effects i might experience related to energy in relation to not being extremely tired and lazy even when i have the desire to accomplish stuff

I’ve already ordered a 28 meal huel but just wondering if the effects ill see will be nearly instantaneous, take a few weeks or not work at all. At this point i’m willing to try anything as long as my lifestyle allows it

Hi there,
I think huel could really work for you! I never have time for a proper lunch and often eat badly for dinner as well, as I run my own business and I have two small kids to look after.
I’ve been using huel for two weeks and I already feel loads better. I have it two meals a day, and always have it for lunch as I’m always driving al that point.
I feel so much better! I don’t suffer from any energy slumps bought on by eating rubbish food or skipping meals, I feel WELL also, which is new. I think it’s had a positive effect on my skin, and I feel full up for ages after eating huel. It’s great. I’d advise anyone to give it a go! It tastes a bit weird to start once you’ve experimented with different flavours you definitely get used to it