Beginners tips for Huel

Hi Everyone.

So after being really, really interested by Huel for ages I finally made the jump this morning and ordered my first weeks worth.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me, should I go 100% Huel? Should I go 2/3rds? Should I start with one Huel meal a day and slowly increase over time? What would you all recommend?

Yes I would recommend that you build up over a couple of weeks. Start with one or two meals per day. It does depend on you previous and current diet. The worst it was the longer it will take to adjust.

What’s your previous diet like? What’s your schedule like? What attracted you to huel? What would you like to accomplish by switching to it; saving time/money, better nutrition, etc.?

It really does depend on what attracted you to it in the first place and your relationship with food in general. You’ll see a benefit from replacing any meal with huel, but theoretically you’ll get most benefit from replacing all meals, nutritionally and/or economically (depending on your previous habits)… but only if that works for your lifestyle - if you try to force a pattern that doesn’t fit with your lifestyle then you probably won’t stick with it long-term.

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Ok so, first of all thanks for your advice so far.

Secondly, At the moment I eat ok. I work pretty long hours so I’ll have oatibix for breakfast, but from then on I’m struggling, today I had a pie and chips for lunch and a sandwich for dinner. I guess my main reasons for wanting to try Huel is that I get pretty hungry during the day, I have these crashes where I’m not very productive and ideally I’d like a convenient food source that I can have on the go and will keep me full.

I guess I also really buy into the ethical mission of Huel, I think that is really cool.

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Sounds like huel could be very beneficial then; if you need a quick convenient lunch then Huel would definitely tick that box. Especially if that tends to be your problem meal like it was with mine, start just swapping that, and if it goes well then maybe you’ll want to try having it for breakfast and dinner as well. There’s lots of testimonials on the forum with people praising their new found consistent energy levels, I’d be very surprised if you don’t find exactly the same thing.

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