Just place my 1st order, yet to arrive, any top tips

I was recommended huel by a couple of my colleagues, I’m looking forward to having a change of breakfast and possibly a lunch or 3 during the week.

I’m hoping it will help start a few changes for me. I am in my 30s and have had a few health challenges that will be help by a better diet and more exercise.

Would be reassuring to hear how huel has helped you and how to build it in to a balanced diet, I don’t think I make 100% of my meals to be huel, but like I say, definitely breakfast and maybe 2 or 3 lunches.
How did you start to incorporate it into your everyday?

Has anyone try huel hot? I’m thinking like hot chocolate rather than soup or porridge.

It helped me because I started to compare it with similar products (blendrunner.com) and in doing so I discovered that the best diets are whole-food and plant-based (nutritionfacts.org). :wink:

Anyway I think it may still have a role for when you don’t have time for cooking your healthy food, for example when you’re outside of your home. I think only the huel bars are good enough over the long term.

I have it for breakfast and lunch during the workweek. Mostly with a couple teaspoons of instant coffee. I never get tired of it. Saves me a couple of minutes in the morning, which I use for meditation if I’m not too lazy. The time I save at lunch is best used for a walk or a workout.

I’m another breakfast/luncher. 500cals/2scoops per meal. Most of the time I nurse the first one all day, adding ice and water to thin it out and have the second when I get home. I find it tastes best cold.
Energy is high, and I’m saving a ton on lunches. No more after lunch sluggishness, and most days I’ll work straight through lunch, not noticing the time. No more extreme hunger like I used to get mid day either.
Some days I’ll finish with another 500 cals, so 1500 cals of huel a day.
On Huel, I don’t get hungry like I would on similar calorie diets. This helps with dinner, not being ravenous when I get home from work allows me to plan a dinner and not just eat whatever I can find ASAP.

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Breakfast and lunch for me to; refrigerate overnight…sometimes flavoured, but I use 50/50 vanilla and unflavoured with 50/50 rice, oat or almond milk alternatives.