Huel Powder & Huel Granola


I’m looking to use Huel to help with some weight loss, but also to replace meals. Currently I don’t eat breakfast at all, bad I know and for lunch it will normally be a brown bread sandwich, perhaps a sausage roll too. I’m not really a snacker but I do work behind a desk all day and rarely have I been exercising until recently.

I was wondering what the opinion is on having the Granola for breakfast and then the Powder as much lunch replacement, then having a healthy meal on the evening which would likely be salad and some form of meat? I don’t think I could stomach the Powder in a morning and then again at lunch initially, i’m not saying that having two shakes a day wouldn’t be something to work up to later though.

Would you feel that taking this approach I should seen some weight loss but also at the same-time be getting enough foodd replacement in the day compared to what I was having before?

Your advice is appreciated, thanks.

Yeah, that would work for sure…but obviously bear in mind you will only lose weight if you expend more calories than you consume; judging by your plan I should assume the calories would be less than 2500 per day

Thanks for the reply

I plan on consuming around 1500-2000 calories a day, as will depend on what my evening meal will be. Potentially I will stick to the granola and powder combo, but I do have a feeling I may end up on two powders a day, either still having the granola or by replacing it.

Also have started to cycle for around 30 minutes to an hour a day, its not much but its a lot more than I have done in years, as I said stuck behind a desk for far to long - its time to get things sorted and get back to being healthy.

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I think that’s sensible…adjust your intake after a couple of weeks depending how it’s going; the biggest demotivation is feeling hungry all the time. Drink more water.

Thanks for the advice on the de-motivation, I have heard that water can really help with that and it seems like your’re saying the same thing. I do have a 700-750ml water bottle thing kicking about somewhere, probably best I dig that out then and keep with me at work.

Also glad you think the approach is sensible too.

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HUEL has arrived today, so tomorrow I will be starting my journey.

Will let you know how I get on with the Granola in a morning and HUEL for lunch.

Excited for the journey to begin.


This is pretty much what I’m doing currently.

Breakfast is Huel Granola and Skyr Yoghurt (for the extra protein)
Lunch is 400kcal-ish of Huel (100g Huel, sometimes with huel flavouring, sometimes with powdered peanut butter so exact kcal vary)

Between this and proper exercise, i have lost 12kg since end of November, so I hope it will work for you as well :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. First that’s great work, congratulations on the weight loss!

Glad it worked for you and it sounds good. I hadn’t thought to put yogurt with the granola but that does sound like a good idea, so will look into doing that.

I’ve only got the new vanilla for now, no flavours as yet, but may end up trying them depending how it goes.

Are you drinking a lot of water also?

Also I’ve not heard of powdered peanut butter… crazy I know… which one do you use? Would like to look into it as like peanut butter. Thanks

So the granola, better than I expected. Not exactly the same consistency of granola I’m used to but not too different either.

First couple of mouthfuls I wasn’t sure on both the taste and the texture, but after a couple more I was enjoying it. Couldn’t taste the berry as much as I wanted but perhaps there wasn’t much in the serving I had.

All in all, yeah I liked it and definitely something I could eat daily for breakfast for sure. Well except my bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning of course… (Jokes)

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My local shops had PBfit powdered peanut butter and chocolate, which is what I’m using.

I have heard good things about the PB2 powdered peanut butter you can get on amazon (versions with and without chocolate too), as well as the myprotein peanut butter flavDrops.

Re Water. I found that Huel makes me thirstier than usual, but i don’t drink nearly enough water usually, so drinking more is better anyway.

Added coffee and oh wow. It’s loads better. I love it. Crazy isn’t it. It was okay before but one spoonful of coffee granules and it’s honestly even better.

Have ordered some of the peanut butter powder too, so can now alternate between the new vanilla on its own and then additions of coffee or peanut butter powder.


Thanks for the tip on the peanut butter… I’ve decided to take the plunge and order these from Amazon. I will let you know how they are, went for the bigger size, but to only the small extra cost as if I like them it will be money well spent.

I’ve started using the PB2 original powder. I found though I needed a double-serving of it (24g) in a U/U Huel shake although I might need even more to get the full taste. Not had it with Vanilla yet.

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How you getting on with it now Dan?

I’ve ended up just going back to adding coffee granules. Its easier and I actually prefer the taste and consistency.

I’m planning to do the same too! Granola for breakfast, powder for lunch or dinner and maybe some bars as occasional snacks in days I need it. :slight_smile: I too prefere the option of having something crunchy to eat after waking up.
I’ll definitely get some Granola in the next order, as soon as my tummy is on the Huel ship with me! :sweat_smile:

I like it, and might try the PB2 with chocolate next time. I don’t use it that often, purely because I’ve got a selection of things I add to change the flavour and I’m not having Huel everyday at the mo.