Another beginners post

Hello Everyone,

I’m new here and waiting for my first order of Huel to replace certainly breakfast and lunch five days / week and then intermittently over the weekend to kind of follow a partial path between something ketogenic (like the 1:1 plan) and a degree of life with the family (as the 1:1 plan didn’t suit my wife).
I’ve elected to go with the Huel Black for the lower carbs, and have had the free Huel v3 Banana as I wouldn’t have picked it without trying so that I can continue with my weight loss journey.
Hopefully delivery will be speedy!!

Hey Rob, welcome to the forum! Great to have you on board. Before you dive into have two Huel meals a day I would recommend easing yourself in to it. Start with one Huel meal a day for a week, plus all your other regular food and see how you feel, if you’re all good then consider increasing.

Remember, Huel isn’t a weight loss diet plan like Cambridge. We’re here for your most inconvenient meals! So don’t think of this as a rigid plan, Huel is just really healthy, nutritious food which is also very easy to track he calories of (because as a powder you can be very precise with calories), which ultimately makes it easier to manage weight gain/loss.

Huel isn’t meant to replace all the foods you love and moments you enjoy. The best way to include Huel in your day to day eating routine is to replace those meals which are really inconvenient and/or you find yourself eating unhealthy foods most. What you want to eventually achieve is an all round nutritious diet every day and learn healthy habits that you can maintain for the rest of your life :blush:

Hope that makes sense! I’ve left some more specific weight loss advice on this thread here. I hope you don’t mind me linking to it here!

All the best and keep us posted on how you get along, we’d love to hear it!

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