First time with Huel

So today is my first time with Huel and I’ve had it for breakfast and soon to have my lunch. It was a lot more savoury than I expected it to taste (coffee caramel flavour) but I actually liked that, felt more like having a proper meal.
I also found myself instantly alot more full than expected, though two hours later this has almost faded. Is that common? Should I have more regular, small doses?
Either way I’m excited to see the progress that this brings and love the community!
Does anyone have any particular flavours they recommend or tips and tricks? I mainly want to use Huel to control my calories and snack less, hopefully helping me to lose weight.
I’ve gone with black edition to have less carbs in my meals but is this the best idea for a weight loss plan? I want to make this a long term plan, having maximum two huels per day, but want to make sure it’s effective for me and not just another thing I try and give up on! Any help with this would be much appreciated! I’m only really looking to lose 6/7kgs.
Have a great day all and enjoy your Huel!

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Hello Nick - TBH if you’re only looking to lose 7kg I doubt it would make a significant difference using either black or white. Yes its pretty normal for feeling full to fade and you certainly could split it up into smaller more frequent meals. I would have thought that replacing two meals with Huel during the week and eating sensibly the rest of the time you would easily meet your target in a couple of months - quicker if you add some regular cardio.

if you are wanting a small snack meal to fill you more in between times I find that a small portion of porridge works well for that or you could snack on healthier things that aren’t going to have a dramatic impact on you such as pickles.


Hey Nick, welcome! Basically everything @Phil_C said with knobs on. Couple of points:

I use Huel Black myself and I’ve lost loads of weight, about 3 stone or so, to be honest I gave up counting a while back.

Anyway, might I recommend considering introducing Huel into your diet gradually? If you go all out right away it can take your stomach some time to get used to and so taking it easy at first might be helpful.

Everyone is different of course so you might be fine going straight in at 2 a day but if you find yourself experiencing any side affects don’t be afraid to cut it down to one a day for a week or so and work your way up to two a day.

Not trying to damage their profits! Just that like with everything in terms of diet changes you need things to be sustainable.

P.s. I cannot stress enough that the hot and savoury range is fabulous for lunches, especially on a cold day!


Guys, thank you both so much with the tips, really appreciate it!