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Hi all,
I am new. Considering starting with Huel.

My aims are:

  • Eat better
  • Lose weight
  • Stop eating junk


  • Can I just eat Huel for all meals or is there some sort of plan ?
  • What about the different varieties, is that just a matter of taste or are there different products for different purposes. Looks like the Black looks very good.

Thanks in advance.

Some people eat Huel for every meal. Most don’t. If you want to go down that route don’t leap in straight away.

Huel helps you lose weight if that’s your aim as it is easy to calorie count and it is a healthy meal.

Huel black is higher in protein and lower in carbs.

There’s no right or wrong, do what’s right for you.


Hi Nox, welcome to the community.

Huel can definitely help you achieve your goals but here’s definitely a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, it’s important to understand that Huel isn’t a diet food. A standard meal/shake made from two scoops of Huel powder or ‘Huel Hot & Savoury’ contains 400 calories. It’s equivalent to a well balanced meal and contains all the vitamins, nutrients and goodness you need. As Hunzas says, what it does is makes calorie counting really easy, with any of their products.

In general per day, an adult woman has an RDA of 2,000 calories, and 2,500 for an adult man. If you were just having meals consisting of Huel powders (Original, black etc), this would mean that 4 meals a day for a woman and 5 or even six a day for a man, would still come in under your daily allowance and therefore help you lose weight.

Now you may very well not want to just have cold shakes for your meals, but thankfully, Huel has you covered there. You could have 3x meals a day consisting of a mix of Huel powder as well as Hot & Savoury, coming to 1200 calories, then you can build that up to your personal daily target by either adding an extra scoop to your hot meals, or by having Huel bars, each adding 200 calories a piece.

Now, also as Hunzas said, you will not want to go 100% Huel straight away. It can take a little while for your body to adjust to a more liquid based diet (though the bars and the hot and savoury do help there now). As a result, I would recommend maybe swapping to Huel powder for breakfast to begin with (nicest way for this is to make it the night before, leave in the fridge overnight then give another shake in the morning before drinking). Give that a week, then replace any between-meal snacks with Huel bars etc and/or other healthy food, then finally work in replacing your other meals with Huel.

Now, you certainly don’t need to go 100% Huel to gain the benefits of it, both in terms of getting the nutrition and eating healthily, and it certainly isn’t for everyone. If it works for you and you’d like to go that way then great, lots of people have done so (many have posted their experiences in this forum). Equally, if you find you do better by switching part of your diet, whether it’s a meal a day, a couple of meals a day, or occasional meals and snacks, you’re still making it easier to count and manage calories, and make sure you’re getting required nutrition.

Definitely let us know here what you decide to do and keep us posted on your progress, and feel free to ask if you’ve got more questions!


When I want to lose a bit of weight I choose 100% Huel. I find it hard to eat more than 1500 cals a day of just Huel as it’s so filling, so its perfect for that.

I know some people eat their 2500 calories with just Huel but I couldn’t do that.

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Would you mind sharing your height and weight? I’m 193 cm and 84 kilos and I eat about 2600 calories of huel a day and am constantly hungry…

179cm and around 75 kilos. So a little smaller than you. I’m moderately active

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Misread this as a dating ad and thought it said moderately attractive :exploding_head: