Help a Newbie with the no-huel meal of the day? THANKS

Hi everyone!
I’m about to order my first Huel EVER. And I’m planning to have about 2 or 3 Huel meals a day and 1 solid food meal.
I am a girl,I’m 27 years old, I weigh 58kg (127pounds) and I’m 169cm tall (5 feet 6inches). I know I am not overweight, but I’ve always weighed 54kg max. (119 pounds), and I really wanna come back to that. But for some reason it has been IMPOSSIBLE during a whole year working out and trying to eat healthy (even if I suffer from some food-anxiety and sometimes I over eat when I’m worried).

Ihave been reading about Huel for about 2 weeks, and I decided to give it a try for:
-Not complicating my life counting calories or macros.
-I don’t have time t cook and my eating schedules are weird because I’m a chef at my restaurant.
-Many times I can’t differenciate if I’m hungry or “anxious”

So with Huel I will know that I’ve had my nutrition on point, and if I feel hungry most probably is anxiety… and I wont waste time thiking about foods to eat/cook/clean.

I’m planning on getting my calories 70% from Huel, and 30% from a solid meal which would be either lunch or dinner.
So,what would my total daily calory intake to lose 0,5kg a week? And how many Huel grams would be to take the 70% of my total daily calorie from Huel?

Plus some advise for a newbie?

Noted you stated that you went to the gym but not sure how many times so couple of different results based on activity. Generally 500 calorie deficit per day will loose you 1lb (0.5kg) per week,

Moderately Active

Very Active

Let me know which is appropriate and I’ll have a stab at Huel grams.

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Thanks for the help! I go about 3 times a week! But I don’t really “kill yself” there, because I have two vertebroplasties and I have to go very gentle with the weights and cardio… So, I’m guessing I could count about 1500Kcal a day until I lose the 8 pounds I wanna lose :slight_smile:

So, I think I will do either: Two 500kcal Huel shakes a day + 1 meal; or 3 350kcal Huel shakes a day + 1 meal.

Since I love fruit so much and Huel is very low in sugars, would it be ok to have at least 3 or 4 meals a week (out of the 7) that would be 80% fruit 20%soy yogurt?
And the rest meals (3 or 4 a week) being veggies with pasta, or quinoa salad, pizza (with very little vegan cheese), vegan burger…
My doubt is if 3 o 4 solid meals of fruit out of 7 solid meals a week will be or not a good idea :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help!

If you’re planning 1000kcal (approx) spread however you want, the nutritional values will be half of those as per the attached images



I would suggest getting the ‘my fitness pal’ app for your phone / tablet or signing up on their website - it takes all the hard work out of hitting your calorie targets as well as your nutritional goals. You can track your day and your week and helps meal plan in advance.

Many add fruit to Huel - there are a number of posts about how to flavour and enhance. Don’t be afraid to experiment but most of all enjoy.

Hand on heart it has been the best thing I have ever adopted as a lifestyle, I’m a 100% Hueler having 3 or 4 lots of Huel per day.

I hope that helps.


take a look at The Mathematical Diet - spreadsheet that helps you work it out.


oh! @RDW my intention was to reply to you in this thread but I guess I did something because my reply went to the thread of the table :sweat_smile: But here too, THANKS lot!

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Not my spreadsheet, thank @Vahan :slight_smile:

My doubt is if 3 o 4 solid meals of fruit out of 7 solid meals a week will be or not a good idea :slight_smile:

You’re thinking too hard. If you want to keep your weight under control, you can eat and drink whatever you like, the only limitation is how many calories in total including your Huel each day. Simply find out how many calories make up the food you want to eat - it can be any kind of food, remember to include snacks - and make up the rest of your daily calorie intake with Huel.

The first thing to do is use the calorie calculator to find out how many calories you require each day. Then think about how many calories you expect to eat and drink without Huel. Whatever remains will be Huel.

Vanilla Huel is 4.1 calories per gram and Unsweetened is 4.23 calories per gram. So if you have, say 800 calories remaining today, 800 / 4.1 = 195 grams

Mixing Huel and normal food each day like this makes it really really easy for me. I just mix a big bottle of Huel and take it with me to work. It replaces my breakfast and lunch. When I get home I eat a healthy vegan meal. I eat meat once a month. If I’ve lost weight faster than I planned (I measure my weight every 2 weeks) I reward myself with something unhealthy like a bag of doritos or a beer/cider.

You’ve seen my spreadsheet and it works for me, but I only go 100% Huel once or twice a week and only because its more convenient than preparing other food and then cleaning up after myself. Huel is not making me lose weight, keeping my calories under control is making me lose weight. Huel helps me keep my calories under control and the net result is that I lose exactly how much weight I want at the speed I want. I don’t even exercise, it’s great! xD

Hello! I have been “disappeared” for some time because of family problems!
I just wanted to tell everyone thanks for the help :smiley:
and especially for the mathematical diet sheet! which i got to open today and is pretty awesome! :heart_eyes:
I JUST GOT MY ORDER TODAY!!! 112 meals of vanilla huel and a toffee flavour pocket :tropical_drink:
I havent tried it yet, cuz I’m moving by myself on monday and I will start it then.
As I said my idea was 2 Huel-meals a day + 1 really healthy and nutricious meal (5 days a week. The other 2 days a week will go going out for dinner or making a homemade vegan pizza or vegan burguer or something like that)

I’m so excited!

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How is it going? 5 days in now, hope you are getting on well with Huel. Give us a shout if you need any more help.