Calorie Counting - I suck at it

Afternoon All, looking for some advice or guidance in the right location.

I’m not sure where to start with using Huel. I’m so close to clicking on the checkout button, but what’s stopping me is i’m worried i’m not going to use it right.

I did speak to the team @ huel but not heard any feedback since i got a OoO reply, so I decided to post here.

The problem i’m having issue with is where to start. i’m terrible with calorie counting and I was wondering is there a different way to managed my intake. I want to start of replacing one of my meal a day and then move on to 2 after a month of Huel.

But on the other hand i’m getting married next year and I want to slim down a bit before march.
My exercise is fairly regular. I go to the gym at least twice a week. So I was also thinking of using huel and a post workout drink as well.

My shopping list I want to get is vanilla huel 28 meals set and then maybe a extra flavour as well. I was thinking of Vanilla and Chocolate would go well.

Well anyway thanks in advance for the guidance and help.

Many Thanks

UPDATE 12th Sept 2016

Well today is my third shake since ive received my order. Ive gotta say i’m really enjoying it more when its blended. When I first tried it at work, I just used the shake and I struggled to finish it.

Im currently having 100g huel and 500ml water. So far ive tried leaving it in the fridge for a few hours and has made it alot thicker. I will be trying huel with fruits and different milks this week to see what difference it will make. I’m aiming for a milkshake kind of texture as at the moment its still a bit runny.

Current eating plan
Breakfast 07:30
Weetabix and semi skim milk

Lunch 12:00
100g huel and 500ml water.

Dinner 18:00 - 19:00
Low carb dinner from joe wicks book

You need to use the link to work out how many calories you need. This is based on weight, age, sex and how much you exercise. You then usually reduce by 500 calories a day which means you should lose 1lb a week but you will probably lose more if you’re exercising regularly. I would also try and replace breakfast and lunch straight away. Good luck.

Also I recommend the chocolate, mocha, banana and strawberry flavours (1/4 teaspoonful for strawberry instead of 1/2)

I counted calories using MyFitnessPal ‘app’ for a while with surprising results.

My Huel shakes were generally around 500 calories with some added fruit, and I have two a day. An evening meal was also around 500 calories.

What surprised me was the amount of calories consumed just by having a few snacks throughout the day. These are the items I need to cut down on as it is so easy to add 700-800 calories with just a couple of snack items between meals. I found it was healthier to have a third Huel shake during the day rather than the snacks, which would make my total intake for the day around 2000 calories.

I also exercise regularly and have been steadily losing weight since using Huel. Best of luck


Really sorry you didn’t get a reply, absolutely no excuse for not answering your queries fully.

Some good advice already on here, what we also do is once you have purchased we send out emails explaining top tips each day. Let me summarise the points you need to use:

Good luck with your weight loss goals. If you you don’t need to be as specific as on the shared spreadsheet, then you can head here to assess you daily calorie intake -

Then use this table -

Or follow these instructions, step 3 of 7 Tips to Huel heaven! Below:

First, work out how many calories you need enter your age, weight, height and physical activity level into this calorie counter -

Aligning your calories with your goals we recommend you aim to lose one pound per week. Removing 500 calories per day from the amount you discovered in the previous step, a 500 calorie deficit, will see you lose a pound a week. If you want to gain weight, add 500 calories per day. Losing or gaining more than this is very difficult and is much more unsustainable, meaning your more unlikely to be successful. These goals are a marathon not a sprint!

Working out how much Huel you need once you know how many calories you’ll need per day, the next stage is to break it down into how many meals or snacks you need per day. For example, if you needed 2211 calories:

Without Snacks

Breakfast: Huel, 737 calories
Lunch: Huel, 737 calories
Dinner: Normal meal of approximately 737 calories.
Total calories: 2211
With Snacks

  • Breakfast: Huel, 500 calories
  • Midmorning snack: 237
  • Lunch: Huel, 500 calories
  • Afternoon Snack: 237
  • Dinner: Normal meal of approximately 737 calories.
  • Total calories: 2211

Hope that helps too. Let us know if you have any other queries.

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thanks for all your help so far. ive found out this on calorie calculator for me personally.

so by removing 500 calories per day how would i work out my Huel intake for that day.

It says to lose 1lb a week you need just over 2000 cals a day. I would save 750/800 for your evening meal (log on my fitness pal for a few evening to get an idea… it gets addictive and you might end up doing that every day) and then have the rest in huel. So about 1200 cals in huel split between break, lunch and snacks. Play about with those 1200 cals as some people prefer fewer larger ‘meals’ and some people prefer lots of smaller ones. I use a scale and take 200g in a Tupperware box to work over night. I then use the scoop to guesstimate 50g (200cals) at a time.

Look for the Mathematical Diet post on this forum, great spreadsheet attached. Helped me shed a meagre 19 Kilos at around 2 Kilos every 2 weeks. Gives you a pretty accurate run down of what you need to consume based on your weight, activity etc - more importantly, keeps you focused.

If I were you just go 100% Huel, - never felt better myself - skin cleared up, dandruff gone, sex drive restored.

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I was the same, and wasn’t sure how to calculate / measure it, but I came across the Calorie calculator earlier this evening, which has helped me understand what size shakes to make etc.

Very useful.

Here is the link to the Mathematical Diet

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How do you do a link like that? Just cut and paste the URL? Or is there some function? Ta in advance

Thanks for all your feedback I really appreciate it. I will review and give you my feedback and results in my progress.

The Mathematical Diet Post has really opened my eyes to starting huel. wish there was a spreadsheet like that, but for meal replacement and not full 100% huel.

I do have one question though. does anyone know what the log warning based on and also use simple measures are on the spreadsheet?

I’m pretty sure “Use simple measures” will round your scoop measurements to numbers that are easier to guesstimate by eye - like every 5ml. It’s been a long time and I’ve got to the point where I just wing it now and don’t use the sheet any more. I tried opening the file on my phone just now and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I’ll have a look at it when I have some time tomorrow.

Edit: Yes, the “per meal” measures are rounded to 5g increments if you enable “Use simple measures”

The log is for recording your weight on each row. If the logged weight is too far off the target weight (high or low) it will be highlighted as a warning. You can choose to Base the warnings off the initial or continually updating estimates.


Thought I’d share my experience and hopefully get you on fleek.

I did a huge calorie restriction for weeks and knew it couldn’t last, so I picked Huel for refeeding. I wanted to grow muscle (with a resistance training regime) but I’m surprised: after a couple of weeks on Huel for a minimum of 2 meals a day (the third meal being either a lean protein shake on workout days or a few alcoholic beverages and a takeaway) but even with the ‘naughties’ in the mix, I’m losing pounds with Huel.

I’ve had this weird adjustment phase where I keep considering healthy foods but 'forget" that Huel is nutritionally complete. I keep thinking I should eat a mango, or some nuts and seeds or something.

As it stands, I’m learning to trust Huel. My body is responding favourably after 70%+ Huel a day. The biggest issue is my head lol

I think you can get your nutrition from Huel and if you supplement, only do so for health reasons rather than nutritional reasons: the truth is that you will lose weight with Huel whilst retaining and + (if you’re working out) build muscle. That’s the Holy Grail.