Starting my Huel journey, hoping to lose weight and feel better

Hi everyone

New to the forums and new to Huel too. I ordered my first batch of Vanilla to try out along with the sample flavour boosts. I’m 33 and pretty overweight and although I know Huel is not a “diet drink”, I’m hoping I can use it to control my meals, take the thought out of it and know what I am taking in during the day, as well as increase my nutrition which is terrible at the moment.

I’ve so far had nearly 2 days on it and here are my thoughts and questions

As standard, I don’t love the taste, or hate the taste, but I don’t dislike it enough to stop using it, we’ll see if it gets monotonous in time.

After my first unflavoured test, I went straight to adding a spoon of coffee and this helped massively. Its not the initial taste that bothers me, its the slight aftertaste, although it doesn’t last beyond a minute or 2 so that’s fine.

Today I had 3 scoops for breakfast and 3 for lunch, 1 with coffee and 1 with banana flavour. The flavour packet did a huge amount to help the taste, I’m just worried about how many calories it’s adding.

Normally by 12 I would be craving lunch and need to eat bang on 12, but today I didn’t have the urge, I could have gone longer without eating anything. I think I could probably reduce my size down to 2 in the morning and 3 at lunch as I find it quite filling and the fullness is long lasting, something that is great for me.

I plan to continue with a normal dinner as I love cooking and I don’t want to miss out on that, but will keep it healthy of course.

I’m currently about 245 pounds, and 5’10" so quite heavy for my age and height, but I’ve already come down from around 20 stone a few years ago just by watching calories and going with a 500-1000 deficit. I then put some back on and found it hard to keep the motivation to always watch the calories as I’m the sort of person who will balloon if I even look at a pack of crisps. So that’s why I’m hoping Huel will help that control and take the decision making out my hands.

I need to work out the exact calories I need right now but does this sound like a decent plan? Sorry for the long post but wanted to get involved and share my story at the beginning. Any advice or tips appreciated.



Good luck, I’ve found Huel to be a real weight loss/food relationship game changer. I’ve been writing about my experiences over the last 2-3 months in the ‘Experiences’ section of the forum under the heading ‘Over-weight sugar addict’ if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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