First month on Huel

Hi there

new user of Huel, about one month, and wanted to share my experience so far.
My main goal is weight loss. I have huel during the day (breakfast , lunch and snacks time) and at dinner i eat a small regular food meal. But most of the calorie intake comes from huel.

My experience has been great so far. i’ve lost 3.5 Kg on the first month (7.7 lbs). I am not much into cooking, so for me it’s also really good the time i save using it.

The good things:

  • Great for a diet. You can count exactly the calorie income.
  • No side effects for me. No stomachs problems or dizzyness.
  • I feel very energetic during all this time. I reckon that having less calories but with better quality is doing these.
  • I like its higher contents of protein compared with other similar products. That’s good for weight loss. Still, a bit less than what i need, so i usually up the protein intake in my regular food meal or have some whey protein supplement.
  • Time saver: I prepare the daily shake in advance, and just need to get to the fridge and drink it when i need it. :thumbsup:

The not so good things:

  • I’ve found that i feel hungry earlier. I had two divide the huel intakes into three instead of two (same calories), because very often i felt hungry. Nothing that a bit of planning could not solve.
  • The taste. To be honest, for me this should be in a “really bad” category, but i know it’s totally subjective, because i found lots of people in the forum that likes the taste, so i won’t complaint much about it :slight_smile: For me, the artificial sweet taste is unbearable. Anyway, that’s not a deal breaker, because you can fix it with some imagination: Cocoa powder, fruits, etc. I’m ordering some U/U to mix it with vanilla and see if it improves the taste.

Really happy with the experience so far, and i’m going to keep having it, but no plans to go 100% huel. I’m still keeping the dinner with family eating regular food.

Thanks for making such a nice product!!! :thumbsup:

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This just indicates that you aren’t eating enough, which also correlates with your comment about losing weight. You would presumably have had the same affect if you had limited your intake of “normal” foods.

This is easily solved. Just buy the unsweetened version :wink: You could sweeten it with another sweetener, or just consume it as is.

I agree. Although as I mentioned somewhere else I find a 50/50 mix of unsweetened and vanilla in a 50% water and almond and oat milk mix is perfect FOR ME! (250ml of each) Obviously you need to adjust the calories.

I find that keeping it in the fridge overnight improves the taste too. I did find it a bit bitter if I prepped it and then consumed straight away (due to the sweeteners). I am not sure from Neshuel’s post if it is prepped the night before and then refrigerated…but I think if not, it is worth a try.

Also some people say that if you have it runnier the taste is more subtle.

I have tried quite a few vegan protein powders over the years, and not one of them tastes as good as Huel (I appreciate this is a meal replacement not protein powder), although everyone’s tastes vary. Guess it is just worth experimenting…alas if the taste is too bad for you, several consecutive taste failures may wanna make you give up.

well, the fact that i did not like the taste was finally good because It made me experiment, and try different ways to have it.
I really like it now with raspberries and also with cocoa powder. Using those and some extra water makes it really nice.

I’ve order some U/U and it’s on the way. I want to try mixing both and see how it tastes…


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I prepare the shake when i am going to have it.
i’ll try your advice and will prepare it in advance and see if it improves.

Anyway, i already ordered some U/U to mix with the vanilla. It seems that most people agree that it gets better for those of us that don’t like the sweet taste.


Hope it works out…I didn’t hate the vanilla TBH, but find that a mix improves it for me.

Let us know if the refrigeration overnight helps too.