First week of using Huel


I though it would give some feedback after using Huel for the first week to replace my Breakfasts and Lunch meals. My main goal is weight management while i’m not able to train at the gym after breaking a bone in my foot whats not healing to well and looking like i may need to have a small operation.

So first day i thought the taste of the chocolate wasn’t to bad have used whey protein in the past that tasted really good was a bit disappointed. Now the Vanilla was good taste i was dreading this one after using Whey in the past and have had some horrific tasting Vanilla Protein powder in the past.

I would say that Huels flavours are alright but could be improved, have to say so far do love adding coffee to the shakes does help improve the taste plus been trying out the flavour boost samplers.

One thing i did notice right away from taking Huel was my appetite was unsure, if you know what i mean when you fancy something and don’t?

A lot of people have commented on my mood, which was really good all week not felt like that in years. I do suffer from depression, only once taken medication for it in the past, and it never really did much for me I think they had more of a placebo effect.

I have to say i haven’t felt like the way i have for the last week in years probably since my early 20s, almost reminds me a little bit like the ecstasy high long time ago. I’m feeling like i got energy like i’ve not had in years.

Each night i’m having a meal of real food I mostly eat fish most days and a bit of steak once or twice a week. I have to say that food tastes so much more better and I look forward so much to my meal of a night.

Few days in i did pinch a crisp off one of my work collages, the taste off it was horrific put me off them really quickly.

This weekend i have had several meal from normal food which i do kinda regret as i feel so full but lack the buzz i get when taking Huel. Going forward I think Saturday i will treat like weekdays and Sunday just have one Huel shake and two normal meals. Also noticed salt really tasted so strong.

My thinking behind having a couple of real meals in the weekend was due to Friday night my stomach wasn’t that good, prior to that it was totally fine going to the loo at least twice a day.

So I can say i’m impressed cloths that i haven’t been able to wear for a few months fit, even a few fitted shirts are kinda loose on me.


I’d like to get this MDMA-spiked Huel that this guy is having. :joy:


They are less tripy, will say one of the women i work with is trying it as well as she feels like crap. :joy:

Thanks for the feedback Antony! Without knowing much about your previous diet it’s hard to say. It’s possible that you were low in some vitamins and minerals such as iron which can improve energy levels when you restore previously deficient levels.

If you think this maybe the case it might be worth looking at the rest of your diet to see if you can make some more improvements.

Again, this is likely to be the body adjusting to a new diet, just in a different way. Moving from a low fibre diet to a high one quickly can result in feeling a little lethargic and tummy issues. After a week or so these symptoms should pass. Gradually introducing Huel into such a diet will reduce these symptoms if they occur.

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Such a measured response to a wonderful post :joy:

Antony how great is it that Huel stops you from snacking?! Crisps and chocolate just don’t have the same appeal. I know what you mean about the “unsure” appetite though, not hungry per se but could definitely eat something if it was put in front of you

Is this because she was eating a bad diet before trying Huel?