New to Huel - should I buy?

Hey guys! I have a really big question. Im 18 years old and I am 1.7m tall. My problem is that I have 120 kg, which is very very bad for my health. I want to start losing weight but slowly (by that I mean eating healthy and cycling and running, but slow at start). Should I get Huel? Also, I’ve seen that you get 2 flavors, don’t you get bored of them at some point? How do you feel after drinking Huel comparing to a normal meal?
The one thing I really don’t want:
-Being Hungry, or at least that feeling you’re still hungry. I’m not sure that a Hule drink would do it. But that’s why I’m asking you, as you have more experience than me.

Huel is a great product to assist in losing weight because it’s very easy to track the exact amount of calories you have and you know that you are getting 100% nutrition for each calorie.

Huel has lots of flavours. The regular (white) powder has 8 flavours, plus you can create your own flavour with things like cacao powder, or you could blend in fruit and other foods so you can create hundreds of flavours. You can also cook with it instead of flour, there are recipes on the main website in the about section.

I drink a 90g shake and stay full for a few hours. I have lost about 25kg and Huel was vital in achieving that, but if you think you can lose weight without feeling hungry you are mistaken. The basics of weight loss are using more calories than you eat. When you feel hungry, it is your body’s way of telling you it wants more food. If you don’t give it more food, it will burn your excess fat instead. So instead of feeling hungry and wanting to eat, think instead that you’re burning your excess fat and losing the weight you want to lose.