Meal size - Breakfast brought food coma

Hi all,

So my first order arrived Thursday and today I started with 1 meal a day, easing into a 2/3 plan of Huel. I started with breakfast as this is the most easiest to start with and I am still home in case my stomach reacts to it and I need some “peace and quiet” time.

So I calculated I need about 124g of Huel per meal at (potentially) 5 meals per day. This translated into a shake of 620ml. I now have a slight feeling the calculations went wrong.

I was half an hour late to work as I tried to eat my way through such a giant breakfast. I ended up taking it to work and I still haven’t finished it as it feels like food coma now. Does anybody have that issue? I guess I trained myself to eat little in the morning so this might be the result of this.

Did I maybe miscalculate? The calorie calculator tells me I need 2,245 calories a day to maintain weight. I wanted to target 2500 due to a lot of sports and wanting to gain a bit of mass. I wanted to divide this into 3 meals and 2 snacks whereby one of the three meals or two is normal food. It’s striking me now that u can’t simply take 500 calories per meal and I need a bit of an adjustment to this.

Could anyone help me on this? People with similar intakes - how Do you portion your meals?


Hey Sebastian,

if you want to eat 2500 cal per day in 5 meals, it leaves us with aprox 122g of Huel per meal (over 3 scoops of Huel per meal).

1.) You said: ‘it translates into 620ml.’ You can make it 300ml, you can make it 400ml or 600ml. Whatever amount of water works for you is fine if I understand it correctly, the amount of water written here is only recommendation. As long as you make sure the grams of Huel are right, you are good to go with any amount of water, depends if you want it thin or thick.

2.) Try not to drink it all at once, if that makes you feel uncomfortable. It was discussed here before, many people choose to have the drink during let’s say one hour period or whatever time feels good during breakfast.

I personally also found it feels much better having two bottles if you are making meal from more than 2 scoops. Each bottle will be less intense.

3.) I start a day with egg whites, coffee and spinach. I count the calories and then have one scoop of Huel to fill the missing calories per meal. It feels much better in the morning than having big drink and by the lunch time, my stomach is ready to take full Huel meal :slight_smile:

Hope it helps,

I did used to get a food coma on the first few days. It’s your body not being used to it, or so I tell myself.

Now though I smash a 3.5 scoop shake in about 15 seconds and it hits me like crack cocaine. (I’ve never done crack cocaine…) I feel great and ready to hit the day like a freight train.


Thank you for your replies.

I will try with stretching breakfast a bit for the first week and see how i feel after this week. Next week i wanted to add lunch or dinner and after that add the snacks inbetween. Those snacks wont work if im that filled from breakfast but ill see and keep you posted.

I had the “alertness” and awake feeling already today - the difference nutritions make. If i compare it to my breakfast so far it was as nutritional as shredded up cardboard boxes - now it just looks like that :wink:

Thanks again!