New huel(er)


New user here. Planning on using 100% huel for at least the next two weeks. According to my calorie calculation I should take in around 1200 calories if I want to lose a little bit of weight (which is my goal).

I need a little help or recommendations as far as the meals throughout the day go. So far I have:

Breaksfast (2 scoop) around 300 calories

Lunch (2 scoops) around 300 calories

Dinner (3 scoops) around 450 calories

And fill in a snack of another scoop 150 calories for whenever I get hungry which should bring me to 1200 calories.

I know that the water ratio is 5 to 1, But if I’m doing only 1 scoop what is a good amount of water?

Also do you have any other/better recommendations for a meal plan?

Thank you for any tips or recommendations

If you’re serious about weight loss and also successful, this will be 24/7. Better get used to it!

I’d say maybe:

3 x scoop (450 cal)
2 x scoop (300 cal)
3 x scoop (450 cal)

Then just willpower the hunger. Most people fall down on weight loss by snacking whenever they feel hungry.

The 5/1 ratio is always a bit runny for me. I normally go for:

1 scoop = 200ml
3 scoops = 400ml
4 scoops = 600ml


A coupla us are doing 100% now too (Huel 100%: 1 Week Challenge) if you need any support with fellow Huelers! :slight_smile:

All the best :smiley:

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Thanks for the tips!

The water to Huel ratios @GTIPuG used are what I use too, give that a try and experiment? I’ll sometimes add a bit more water to feel fuller.

I have little to no willpower so keeping a scoop ‘in reserve’ for if you feel hungry and are desperate for a snack would work for me better than just trying to ignore it. Then if you get through the day without needing it, you can have a bigger dinner. :yum:

Good luck!

Just remember to include any treats or bad willpower moments in your calorie count, it’s a recipe for failure otherwise :smiley:

Sound advice. I’m pretty good at being honest with myself and keeping track. Just a shame I’ve not got the willpower to put the snacks down! :doughnut: