Help on working out a calorie plan

Hi there,

I’m just away to receive my first subscription of Huel and I would like to know how to best use it. I’m currently 21, slightly overweight, 5ft 10”, 185 pounds and only exercise once/twice a week however I’m starting to get myself into a routine.

To maintain my current weight I would be at 2,220 but obviously wish to lose weight meaning I would need to drop 500 calories. Is anyone able to help me make a plan on how much I should be using Huel and when? I wish to be eating a normal meal for my dinner if possible.

Thank you for any help!

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Hi Jordan

Here’s what I would do:

Huel shake for breakfast. 4 level scoops, which I find to be 132g/528 calories. This will vary slightly depending on which flavour you use, but it’s not worth caring. I use the same figures for every flavour. You could weigh it the first few times, as my idea of a level scoop could be different to yours. You could weigh it every time, as some people do, but life’s too short to be that exact.

Same thing for lunch.

Total calories eaten before dinner: 1056.

Now if you eat around 700 calories for dinner you’ll hit your target. And as long as dinner is below 1000 calories you’ll lose a bit of weight that day.

Two big shakes might not suit you, but I prefer fewer, large meals. For the first week I recommend only having one shake for either breakfast or lunch, and eating two normal meals. Just to give your guts time to adjust to Huel.


Amazing, thank you so much! Enjoy your Huel journey :slight_smile:

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I think you’re going to find 4 scoops hard to get down. That’s a big breakfast. I like to make just two scoops with 400ml of water, although you may find that a bit runny. Play around with the amounts til you get it right. Start small though. Not fun forcing yourself through a massive shake, much better to simply make another when you get hungry (you’ll be surprised how long it keeps you full!)

True, it is a big shake. I’m a total gannet so it’s no bother for me.

Today I had a bowl of granola and two four-scoop shakes before 10am, and then nothing since. I’m not doing IF or OMAD or anything, I’m just impulsive and disorganised.

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My situation is VERY similar to yours, I’m 28 years old, 5"11 and 180lbs. I’ve shifted to 3 compacted scoops of Huel, 3 times a day im replacement of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner and the results i’m seeing already are fantastic.

Once you get pass the farting stage you’ll be fine :joy: