Im hungery

Hello. Today is my third day of huel. My intention is to have it in the morning and for lunch when i am short of time and then have a normal dinner. However after my heul meal I am still hungery and I find myself eating more snacks and spending more money because of it. How can I fix this?
I am currently haveing my huel with 3 scoops and 500ml of water and i tend to drink it over a long period of time. 30-60mins.

How much did you eat for breakfast or lunch pre-Huel ?
Is the size of the shake you’re making similar ?

You’re having a 3 scoop shake, wouldn’t do it for me either.
I prepare my shakes with 4,5 scoops (171g) of Huel.
Though, I have to say my diet is based on ~3.000 kcal/day.

I am not eating anything before huel as my intention is to replace the meals with huel. I will try and use more scoops next time and see how that turns out.

Hi. Are you measuring your daily calorie intake?

What I wanted to ask is, do you have Huel as much as you had breakfast or lunch
before you started drinking Huel ?
As @Bee is asking, do you measure your calorie intake ?

I have never measureed my calorie intake. Most days I would end up skipping breakfast or having a bowl of cereal and then having a sandwich and crisps for lunch so I dont think i ever really had many calories throughout the day anyway.