How do you calculate your personal optimum huel intake?

I’ve been having huel for lunch only for about 3 weeks, and I’m really enjoying the convenience, and cost savings. The rest of my diet has stayed exactly the same.

There’s just one thing - I’m hungry a lot more than when I used to have a sandwich and piece of fruit! I’m thinking that this is probably because three scoops isn’t enough, but does anyone know I can work out whether my hunger is actually because I should be consuming more? I don’t want to up my huel intake and end up putting on loads of weight!

Any help of advice from personal experiences would be gratefully received!

I’m actually having the reverse issue - huel has reduced my snack craving substantially. I have been coming huel with a much increased physical training regimen; as a result I am pretty tired a lot of the time, but not hungrier.

Potentially a tulip question, but how much water are you drinking? I find that if I haven’t been drinking enough water then I get peckish early.

Are you sure it is hunger and not a salt/sugar craving? I always yearn for a packet of crisps or something salty after having a Huel.

I suppose an easy thing to do in your case would be to find how many calories are in your sandwich and apple and make a Huel of the same size.

Yeh I thought that might be the case too, so upped my water intake just in case, but didn’t really make much difference unfortunately.

It could be a sugar or salt craving- I’ll try to work out the calories I was having before- thanks for the suggestion, cant believe I didn’t think of that! :grimacing:

3 scoops of huel are only about 450 cals. That is not much for a main course, if you eat 3 meals a day.

Oh, and have you weighed yourself before and after these 3 weeks? This should tell you, if it is too little to maintain your weight.