Ravenous hunger all the time

So I have used huel for a week now and it just does not fill me up, I feel hungry all the time. I have tried with 4 scoops and tried adding more/less water, but it didn’t help much. It doesn’t seem reasonable to add any more scoops either cause of the excess amount of vitamins and protein.

Hmm most people report feeling a lot fuller than usual (especially since it has a great deal of fibre and is nutritionally balanced). Could it be possible you’re undereating? Can you give us more details like:

  • height/weight
  • activity level
  • diet before Huel
  • current food intake

That does sound odd - can you tell us how much Huel you were having per meal, and how many meals?

Were you having anything besides Huel?

Like @jeffy89 said, most users seem to find Huel pretty satiating so it would be interesting to see what your experience was, and hopefully banish the hunger.

So I have made some adjustments to my meal plan. Now I eat two meals of real food and two meals of huel.
Before it was three huel and one real food.
Hunger issue seemed to come from drinking huel too slow. Chugging it down seems to do the trick :smiley:
I’m kind of skinny, 145lbs with a ridiculously fast metabolism and I’m moderately active person, I hit the gym 4-5 times a week, cardio 20min a day, but I have a sedentary job.

One thing I would add is that ‘hunger’ and ‘cravings’ are very different. We can often feel ‘hungry’ but actually are just craving something else. We’ve got a really interesting video about Cravings and Hunger on our YT page which you might find useful.


Noted for later, thanks Tim. Oddly, today, despite my usual 2.5 scoop breakfast and same for lunch, I’m really hungry. Polished off breakfast Huel normally but was hungry an hour later, had lunch early and an hour later I’m hungry again. Trying to resist snacking but with 4 hours to go till I get home I suspect I’ll cave!

I am the opposite of @rix physically, but also found drinking quickly made me nice and full. Apart from today!

I tend to snack a lot, so I drink my Lunch Huel slowly (over a few hours) while at my desk, then there’s not long until dinner! I do not feel full because of it, but because I’m consistently sipping it doesn’t bother me haha. I’m so bad at eating and drinking things fast.