Feeling hungry after getting enough calories?

Hello everyone:-)

I’ve tried Huel for the very first time, I wanted to start slow so I had the HUEL lunch yesterday and today morning I had Huel as breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised that it tastes much better than I expected:-)

My boyfriend joined me today and had his breakfast as HUEL too.

We both found ourself being hungry quite quickly as if we didn’t eat anything at all, despite having 5 scoops each. Is that normal? Does anyone else feel like that as well?

Is this feeling only temporary until body gets used to having all nutrition as liquid or is it something that just happens to everyone and we just need to go trough it?

It also makes me feel like I want more which is not the best thing as there’s a lot calories in little portions. So I am tempted to have more even though I consumed enough calories for my height and weight.

Any opinion would be welcome x


Quick additional question - may that be because I put too many scoops per one bottle?

What were your habits before? Did you eat less calorie dense foods (lots of vegetables)? Or maybe did you eat more calories? I think your stomach will probably get used to it if you make it a habit. It’ll shrink and you’ll start to feel satiated with less volume. You could also try adding more water. Or do what I do and try intermittent fasting.

I ate more calories before, lots of carbs like rice, potatoes, fruits and cooked vegetables. Maybe my stomach is used to being ‘full’, I was just wondering if anyone else feels the same way or it’s because of my personal habits!:slight_smile:

I get the same thing too. When I first started on Huel, I tried having a full meal’s worth for breakfast and then nothing until lunchtime but I couldn’t last until lunch time. I would be hungry again about 2-3 hours later. My theory is that it digests more quickly than a lot of solid food because it is so finely ground up, but I have nothing scientific to back that up.

These days I tend to drink it gradually through the day and that usually works well for me.

The feeling is temporary. Soon the body will learn the difference between feeling full and feeling hungry. Most people don’t distinguish between the two, but they are different.

Your body will adjust.


For me it’s more of an energy level thing, like drinking it more gradually throughout the day keeps my blood sugar more stable. I don’t have any actual measurements to back that up, though. That’s just how it feels.

Do you get constant energy levels thoughout the day on Soylent from having it in larger, less-frequent meals, @Ric?

It’s interesting how everyone’s experiences are different, though…

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I was merely responding to OP’s direct question, “Feeling hungry after getting enough calories?”

Maybe you’d like to follow up with OP on energy levels?

@tina.bellova Is it just hunger, or you do feel a drop in energy level as well? See me reply to Ric above :slightly_smiling:

Hi guys,

after few days experimenting, I found ways, it is definitely the first days when body is getting used to new things inside, also I made it too strong first few times, 5 scoops.

Now I learnt to divide my daily portions and it feels much better :slightly_smiling:

I am the same, I have had all my calories today from Huel, I have a headache and really want to 'EAT" feel like I have had nothing. it is only 1.30pm I have about 600 calories left for the rest of the day! I dont think its going to do it for me

cant see how people keep this up to be honest

Roy, it really helps me to have a solid breakfast, maybe you could try it as well.

And then something solid in the evening, if you feel not full enough.

If you devided your daily intake into let’s say 4 or 5 portions and you don’t feel full, replace one of them with solid food but careful - with the same amount of calories. Last night for example I had a bowl of cooked lentils as a last meal with the same amount of calories than what I would take in Huel.

I also love having cooked egg whites because they are super low in calories and they fill you up.

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1 boiled egg white has aprox 17 calories.

I’ve been having a 300kcal huel for breakfast (instead of none). An actual lunch and a 450kcal for dinner. I’ve been finding I’m starting to feel very lightheaded, can’t concentrate and headachy. I’m trying to lose weight so aiming for 1300-1500 calories a day. Not sure if I’m feeling this way because I’m under eating. Surely I should only start feeling this was if I was literally starving myself?

Hi there, have you calculated your current caloric requirements? You can do so here - http://huel.com/pages/how-to-use-huel#Step%201 - if you are trying to lose weight we strongly recommend reducing your intake by no more 500kcal per day. Try this and see if it helps.

Betsy, it sounds like you may be not getting enough calories, what’s your height & weight?

I’m 13 stone and 5.1. So I have quite a high bmi. I wouldn’t really eat any more times a day but I have cut out calories I would normally take in from drinks. I used to drink a lot of juice, ribena and tea with sugar. Now I just drink water and camomile tea. I’m not sure what my calorie intake would have been before hand but I think 1300 -1500 is the recommended intake for a female who’s dieting. I work in an office so, other then my commute to work, I’m not hugely active!

Sounds like 1400 cal is okay amount per day for your height and weight to loose weight, according to NHS calculator.

Problem may be that you eat it in 3 meals rather than 4 or 5.

450cal at once sounds quite lot, as you eat 1300-1400 per day. You may want to try to have 250 cal few hours after lunch and then 200 cal in next two hours. I am not a dietitian but smaller portions in few meals are better than fewer big meals :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling:

One approach you could try is to forget the whole idea of calories, and just have as much or as little Huel as you want at a time, then when you feel you want some more, have some more. This is how I tend to do it these days, and it seems to work well for me. Often I find it doesn’t actually take much Huel at any one time for me to feel satisfied, but then an hour or so later I want some more.

There’s actually no reason not to consume it in small frequent amounts like that, because it’s a drink. It’s as easy as taking a few swigs of water.

With Huel, you can actually abandon the entire concept of meals altogether. Meals are for when you have to actually sit down and eat through a meal that’s taken time to prepare. This is not even an issue with liquid food that you just shake up with water and then drink whenever you feel like it.

Hungry? Drink Huel? Not hungry anymore? Stop drinking Huel. Hungry again? Drink some more Huel. It’s really simple.

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