Huel leaves me hungry


I’m new to huel, I’m only three days into replacing my usual breakfast of an egg on toast with huel and I’m hungry!

For the first two days I went the 3 scoops an 450ml of water - but was just so hungry by mid morning, still a good 2 hours away from lunch and an apple just wasn’t going to cut it.

So today I’ve upped to 3.5 scoops and I’m still pretty hungry.

Just wondered whether anyone else felt really hungry after starting Huel? Is it just my body getting used to it or do I need to up my Huel powder again?

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I find it doesn’t fill me up for quite as long as I imagined it would, at breakfast time especially.

One thing I find helps is just to have it slightly later in the morning. I actually find it easier to push breakfast back to say 10am, rather than have it at 7am and be craving lunch by 10 (it’s also significantly easier to have your Huel at work at 10am, than it is to do the same with egg and toast)

Aother trick is to add fruit/veg into your Huel. Carrots and Kale work particularly well alongside fruits and even work with vanilla Huel/flavour boosts, even chocolate - their flavours are pretty neutral, they add a bit of texture (which might not be for you) but that’s all. Most importantly though, they add more “bulk” to the Huel, without adding many calories. 50g of carrots and 50g frozen kale adds maybe 50 calories, but it adds a lot of bulk for those 50 cals and can make the difference you need it to - especially if you can also hold out til 9 or 10 am :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently Kale might also be some kind of super-food. I must say I’ve never witnessed anything extraordinarily special about it, but it still serves my purposes nicely

(note - the suggestion to add carrots and kale kind of assumes that you make your Huel with a blender/hand blender. I sometimes forget that a lot of people just shake it)

I totally remember this feeling, and I can say that for me it settled down and your body gets used to it (in MY experience at least).

I’ve been on Huel for Breakfast - 2 scoops - and Lunch - 2 or 3 scoops depending on if I have a gym class in the evening - since March.

When I started I only switched my breakfasts, I would have 3 scoops at around 8am, it took around 40 minutes to drink the damn thing and I would start feeling peckish again around 10:30am. I wasn’t full blown hungry, but I craved all kinds of things I was used to eating, and even just craved the chewing sensation. Then at 12 I would just wolf down whatever I had for lunch.

After 4-5 days my body adjusted, and it was like I suddenly didn’t feel like snacking all the time. I then started to switch out my lunch as well, and that took another 5-6 days to get used to.

If I think I’m a little peckish, say I’m more tired than usual or did a run that morning, I will supplement the huel with I have some fruit or veg - not mixed in (I know that’s what other people do but I use a shaker not a blender).

I think at only 2 days it might be too early to say, with any change to a diet it can take a long time for your body to get used to it, which might be annoying but it’s worth it if it works in the end!

I had two weeks off from Huel at the end of May as I went abroad and craved it the whole time, then when I came back I found it really hard to get back on the wagon the first few days - I just wanted bread and cheese :smiley:

I think 3 scoops is a huge amount and I really struggle to have any more than 2 first thing in the morning BUT I’ve always struggled to eat breakfast, and everyone is different.
Let us know how you feel after a couple more days maybe?

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I’d try to take 2,5 scoops in the morning and eat 1 or 2 pieces of fruit between breakfast and lunch. It works for me (and I know about beng hungry, I weight 105 kg) better than a lot of huel. Distributing the calorie intake works for me.

I had the opposite experience. My first huel filled me up for the entire day.

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I’ve found if I feel hungry after Huel that I’m actually thirsty. Are you drinking plenty of water? Also, as already suggested, I tend to have coffee and water first thing and not have my first shake until 10ish. I hope it gets easier, I’m four weeks in and feeling like it is really working for me. Good luck!

I’m 23 days in now, at first I was like you feeling hungry 1-2 hours before my lunch. After around 7-10 days I started to get used to it, I leave for work at 7 then usually have my breakfast huel around 9ish then lunch huel around 1 then an evening meal around 6.

Only times I struggle are weekends if I’m not doing anything, I’m not actually hungry but bored so I want to eat!


I’m on day 3 of Huel and I feel the same way you do - I’m starving 1 or 2h after Huel.

To be fair, I think it might be our bodies getting used to it - as we are going from a solid food to a liquid.

I did read around that if you prepare your breakfast Huel the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight it gets thicker, so it might help with the sensation of feeling full.

I might try adding some fruit, hoping it will subside!

Let me know if you find something that works for you :blush: