New to huel, having hunger cravings

Ok so I only started huel 3 days ago,
It’s gone like this
B - cereal
L - shake(3scoop)
(Also I ate 3 bars😲)
D - normal food
B - cereal
S - bar at about 11
L - shake with mocha boost
S - bar at about 3
D - normal food
B - bar and coffee
L - shake(3scoop)
S - bar and a banana

Ok so in general I feel ok… aside from the concentrated dark matter farts😫
But I’m getting hungry all the time!
Before this I had an extremely poor diet because I’m either pulling 12 hour shifts at work… or too lazy too cook proper food…

I’m just wondering what other people do about hunger?:blush:

Just to clarify, cereal = normal food

I get hungry very quickly after each of my 3 Huel meals, all i do is drink a lot more water. I’ve been 100% Huel (in the week) and 75% Huel (weekends) for about 6 months and got used to feeling hungry. It soon passes if you drink and keep busy.
Good luck.

You will feel hungry, work out how many calories you should have and see how it goes. I have binged our over Xmas/winter and feeling hungry as I’m cutting back. You will get used to it, drink more water and try and cut back on the bars, you will get bad wind if you have more tha 1 a day.

I generally find a 100g/500ml meal of Huel fills me up and keeps hunger at bay for hours; but there have been times when I have had my Huel meal and am feeling really hungry soon afterwards…I don’t know why that is - my daily pattern during the week is pretty much the same; in the same way if I eat a large meal in the evening I can feel hungry in the morning; I wake up with my stomach growling; other times I can have a small meal late afternoon and not be hungry at all in the morning.

Keeping busy definitely helps…some days when I am really busy I decide I’d better have my breakfast Huel … and it’s like 2pm.

Yeah my wind is terrible atm!
Ok so I’m gunna change it up tomorrow, I’ve got a shake(3scoop) in the fridge ready, I start work at 5am, and another 3 scoops in a pot for another shake at lunch and only 1 bar this time, ofc my morning coffee (no sugar, no milk) and then water throughout the day.
Hoping this will help curb the gas… for other people sake… I myself find it hilarious!

Right, so I cut down to only 1 bar a day… it’s definitely helped with the gas!
I’m now having a shake in the morning, a bar late morning l, shake for lunch, fruit for afternoon snack and a normal dinner.
But I’ve noticed today I’m getting really sleepy at work, not like ‘im tired, I need a sit down’… actually sleepy… I could literally go upstairs and make a nest and sleep…
But I’m putting that down to my dramatic drop in sugar consumption

Before using Huel, my diet was also terrible. I’ve found that a shake around 7:30 keeps me going until around 11:30 and i’ll tide myself over for another hour before my next shake (all 3 scoop shakes).
I also used to snack a lot, but have found that by drinking water it has completely stopped.
For me, whenever i feel hungry, i’ll have a drink and that seems to put my hunger at bay until it’s time for my next meal.
Might be worth upping your water intake and see how you get on.

I’ve heard people that go to slimming clubs tell me they’re advised to drink a glass of water (or more) when they feel hungry/peckish, and only then if 10-15 minutes later they still feel hungry to then eat.

Seems some people might mistake thirst for hunger!

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This is definitely the case Dan… we automatically reach for food to curb our hunger when in fact we are actually thirsty and need a drink

If you are consuming at least the recommended amount of water throughout the day, you should - in theory - never get thirsty… as by that time it’s too late and your body is dehydrated.

So always try a drink first and then wait a while - you will start to recognise true hunger pangs instead of the ‘habit’ pangs

Ok so…
I’m not drinking enough water, I just don’t crave it…
Still finding it very difficult adjusting to this.
I would drink a lot of soft drinks before, now it’s just water, coffee, almond milk
I’ve been having a spoonfull of peanut butter to curb a hunger craving…
Also the other morning I messed up bad at breakfast… I went on an eating rampage… peanut butter spread onto chocolate digestives also… spread cadburys chocolate spread ontop of the peanut butter!!
I’m back on track now…

Craving peanut butter much? … lol. Probably best not digging into a jar with a spoon just to satisfy a craving. Bit calorie dense for that. Try out ‘powdered peanut butter’…blends up a treat & you’ll get that peanut hit with far less calories, bit of extra protein helps with satiety too.

It was whole earth 100% so at least it’s the the ‘healthier’ of the peanut butters :laughing:

Fairdo’s … keep away from that palm oiled up muck. :speak_no_evil:

Hello, i saw that earlier written by airiartev

"Do you want the final answer for the bloats and farts?

When we shake the Huel we mix completely the air and the liquid and if you use a transparent mixer you can see after shaking hundreds of little bubbles moving up slowly or tiny trapped.

The solution: let it rest for a minute and just before, move very gentle for some trapped bubbles.

Second solution: gently, put the mixer on an horizontal level and roll it softly letting those bubles get out of the huel.

You are welcome"

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I’ve not suffered with gas at all so far. As mentioned above, once I have shaken in, I pop the cap open and let it rest, (have only been doing this subconsciously) not sure whether that makes a difference at all.

I cut the amount of bars down to one a day and that’s sorted the gas out almost after 24 hours, I feel fine now

Ok so after a month I’ve decided to slightly tweak my subscription to 11bags and 80bars😊

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11 bags and 80 bars every month?? :scream:

Hell no! 11bags every 11 weeks and 80bars every 20weeks