Taking the plunge

Hi everyone,

I am incredibly skeptical here, and I know that with an appetite like mine it is unlikely to kill my cravings and keep me satisfied. But with that said, I have put in my order and will be taking the plunge into the world of Huel. I was hoping that with a post online, and out there in the world I will be more motivated to stick by it through the hard days.

Now to just wait for my order to arrive. Wish me luck!


Good luck…you won’t need it. My wife and I are both having 2x Huel meals a day. Hunger is no longer an issue. Feel healthy, lighter (only becoming have been trying to loose some) and more active. :+1:t2:


I’ve been making it with milk, nutella and peanut butter and whilst it does fill me up to an extent, I feel as though I’m hungry earlier than if I eat a big meal.

My problem right now is I eat a big meal, feel really full for an hour or so and suddenly want to snack again. I’m not sure if that’s psychological or just habitual or what.
How long have you been doing it for?

I know the feeling, I could have a massive meal and be like comatose and then an hour later be raiding the fridge.
part of it will always be in your head, especially if after that huge meal you’re sat at home with jack to do…
I’m no expert but the main culprit is mostly likely your blood sugar, having complex carbs and low GI foods can help regulate the release into your blood stream so you don’t have those extreme highs and lows.
Huel will help with this as long as you have enough of it to keep you satisfied.
I started off with 200g for breakfast and lunch but found it wasn’t enough so upped it to 250g and added banana and berries and a little yoghurt and now it keeps me full until dinner.

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I’m not 100% on huel but use it as meal replacement when I don’t have time for a ‘proper’ meal but I do believe the wanting to eat after a huel shake is habit rather than real hunger considering I’ve done 24 hour fasts before fine.

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Has your Huel arrived? Have you started on it yet?

Yeah been maybe 5 days of use with a 2 day break (engagement party). Started the first day on just one meal and then I spent 4 days having Huel for breakfast and lunch. Just as I started to settle in and really start getting some comfort with it I stopped for the weekend. I will do a full 7 days of at least 2 Huel meals a day next week and post a 7 day feedback report at the end of the week.

Good Luck…good idea to ease into it slowly…before you know it you will be craving the stuff! lol I’m being serious…there must be some nicotine in there somwhere Haha!

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