Hello, new to Huel

Brand new to Huel and thought I would share my experience, and also check with you regular users.

So yesterday i had 3 scoops for my breakfast. I drunk it over the space of an hour, so far so good. I made myself another later in the afternoon, intending to do 3 a day with 3 scoops each as this equals around 1500 calories. I admit I didnt really feel all that hungry in the afteroon but had it because i thought i would need it. So the first one filled me up more than I realised. I compeltely skipped the one at night.

Second day and I have had only one so far and its 3pm now. I haven’t felt hungry at all today, but drank it because i should.

So im impressed that I don’t feel hungry, thats good. My lips do feel a bit dry though and a slight funny feeling at the back of my throat. Has anyone else felt that?

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Great to have you on board Stephen! Do just ease yourself in, diving into 1500kcal a day might be a bit of a shock. Make sure you’re drinking enough water along with your Huel as it is quite high in fibre which acts like a sponge. As for the funny feeling I would know what to suggest!

All the best and let us know if you need any other tips!

Cheers Tim.

I’ve not replaced every meal with Huel, but mostly. Actually I am finding it very good. My appetite has reduced a bit, probably because Huel is giving me everything I need. I lost 4 pounds in one week. I also found if i chuck in half a banana or some strawberries it works really well. Awesome stuff, cheers.

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Hi Stephen!

I’m new to Huel as well, and similarly finding progress, particularly on the appetite front - my snacking desire has dropped to almost nothing. Went for a run this morning, followed by 2.5 scoops for breakfast and got hungry again just in time for lunch…previously I would have snacked a good few times (beyond the compulsory cuppa+biscuit).

I also have the dry lips/throat thing, but I suspect that the lips at least are due to lack of hydration, so I am trying to drink more.

I’m trying to replace two meals a day with Huel (two/two and a half scoops for breakfast, plus one other meal at three scoops).