Oops: I've been putting myself into a food coma with Huel

I’ve been reading, commented on other posts and sent messages to staff (sorry for harassing you guys), but I think I might have worked out what is causing my exhaustion – I’m having my equivalent of Thanksgiving dinner every morning!
My breakfast until now has almost always been two or three cups of coffee and maybe some toast or an egg. I started having Huel two days ago (for breakfast only), using the recommended three scoops and still having my coffee … and the toast, because I still had the habitual craving to chew something. That means I jumped from having under 100 calories to having well over 500 calories first thing in the morning – my poor system is probably in shock!
I’m going to test my theory by having just one scoop of Huel tomorrow morning along with my standard breakfast. If I feel okay after that, maybe I’ll add another scoop at lunch. I’ll post again tomorrow to confirm if it helped or not.


Interested to hear how you get on, I tend to have a four scoop shake at 0600 when having Huel for breakfast. It keeps me feeling satisfied to around 1100.

Before you started Huel, did you typically have big and hearty breakfasts? And do you exercise at all? I’m curious because I think my metabolism is not used to working this hard as I don’t do either of those things.

With one scoop this morning I felt fine but needed a snack later. Will try two scoops tomorrow.

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Yeah, I’ve always been into big breakfasts.

I’ve definitely become more active in the last five years, I started the gym and got into hiking and such. Typically go to the gym a lot when I am offshore.

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Whereas my biggest first meal is usually a bowl of cereal. Then I snack throughout the day. I’m on my feet at work but it’s not really exercise. So yeah I think my body is getting all this food at once and going into shutdown mode trying to process it.

Upped it to 2.5 scoops but spaced it out over three hours. Felt fine and got hungry right at lunchtime.

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