Huel and tiredness

Hi Everyone,
hope everyone is doing as well as they want to be doing,
i have been using huel for about a two weeks now, replacing two of my meals one day and alternating to two meals the next just to change it up a little,
i work as a designer at a computer all day so unfortunately i’m not up and active, but do go to the gym 3-4 times a week, i haven seen much in the way of weight loss due to doing mostly weight training than cardio, but during the day while at work, usually 2-3 hours after drinking my brekky huel (3 scoops @ 7am) i am getting extremely tired to the point where i am fighting to keep my eyes open, this is only happened since starting to use huel i have read somewhere it could be to do with missing the sugar ? my diet is now extremely clean compared to all the terrible rubbish i used to eat, i just wouldn’t mind hearing an opinion from someone that this has happened to before, does it subside ? is there anything i can do to combat it ?

But before someone might take it the wrong way, i feel so much healthier already just looking to get this little kink out the way

3 scoops is only 450cal. Try having another 3 scoops two hours later and you’ll feel much better. If you do weight training especially, you need calories bro.

I know for me (and for science apparently) it’s better to eat two small meals in the morning than one big one. I eat after getting up and eat 2-3 hours later, then lunch 2-3 hours later.


If you uaed to eat rubish food with lots of salt an sugar maybe you are suffering the lack of it. You will get used to, sugar is pretty bad (despite all food ends in glucose) and salt is good for you in the right proportion.

How long have you been drinking Huel?

How much sleep do you get ? And as above regardless of anything if your burning calories then you really need to put more in just to stay level.