Weight Gain and Tiredness Since Starting Huel

Hi, Need some advice. I have been dieting for 4 years, lost nearly 10 stone and started huel and to exercise regularly at my local gym, as part of my new healthy regime.

In the 3 weeks since starting huel, I have gone from having loads of energy to feeling hungry and tired all the time. I have also put on nearly a stone, but has levelled out this past week.

My diet consists of two huel shakes a day (3 scoops) and a proper meal in the evening (with either chicken or steak). I was looking to maintain my weight, but feel as though I am consuming less calories than it says in the huel guide. Can anyone help?

Are you tracking your calories with something like My Fitness Pal and have you checked your TDEE?

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Definitely use myfitnesspal to check your calorie intake.
I’m only a month or so in, and hadn’t lost any weight for the first few weeks, but now that I’m really calorie counting it’s coming off.
I found 3 scoops to be too much - I’d feel really full, and then have used up most of my calories early in the day. Now, I have 2 for breakfast, 2.5 for lunch and I have some fruit -an apple or watermelon, and then a meal of around 450-600 cals, and possibly a snack of olives or something.

Some days I’m doing 100%(ish) huel, of 3 x 2 scoops, 1 x 3 scoops and bit of fruit.

  1. Scoops or heaps? Measured using a scale or roughly thrown in?
  2. Evening meal - Calorie counted? Or loosely thrown together? 32oz steak or 8oz?
  3. Activity levels?
  4. Height/weight?
  1. Scoops, measured exactly using the huel provided scoops.

  2. Evening meal is either one portion of a Slimming World batch cook chicken ie low calorie (2 syn per portion) with brown rice or a 227g steak fried in fry light and a can of tin spaghetti or veg (what Ive got in at the moment).

  3. Activity levels, 1 hour walking (per day), 15 mins cardio (in gym - 3 times a week), 45 mins weights (in gym - 3 times a week). I’m following a programme from my PT. He told me months ago that I wasn’t consuming enough calories, so huel was mainly to up my calories, as I was consuming around 1,500 calories per day and have for sometime.

  4. Height: 6ft 1, Weight: 15 stone (was 14 stone 2, 3 weeks ago before starting huel)

Hi Bee, I’m not tracking my calories yet. Outside of huel I’m still eating high protein and low calories food. I’ve checked my maintenance calories - 2,963 per day. I eat nowhere near that much.

It does seem strange, as I have found Huel to be a great aid to weight loss.

I would second the idea that using Myfitnesspal is a good idea. It can sometimes help you spot where something is more calorific than you think.

Please, do use kitchen scales or something similar.
Measuring purely based on the scoop isn’t accurate and can vary between 26-46 grams,
instead of the mentioned 38 grams per scoop.
Using MFP as a food diary, so to say, is an amazing help. I also do this to maintain or even
gain some weight, at least I don’t (can’t afford) to lose any.

Regarding your activities, do you also use an activity tracker or something alike ?
Personally, I’m using one of the Garmin brand but many use FitBit or others.
I have my BMR registered in MFP as my goal and the app that connects to my activity
tracker takes the calories ( goal and consumed) from MFP and adds my activities to it.
Found out I need to consume quit a bit more than I expected, but my weight is no
longer fluctuating as much by now.

Did use a TDEE calculator before, and thought I knew what I needed but it didn’t work.
Now I know that I’m apparently far more active throughout the day.