Newbie - Aiming for weightloss / calorie restricting. Hand hold / Advice please!

Hi All!

I’m 32f, 5"3 and 71kg. I had a baby in Jan 18 and I now have a fairly sedentary lifestyle, I work at a desk 3 days a week and look after my little boy 2 days (where I am run ragged) the only exercise I do is walk my dog once a day about 2.5km, more at weekends.

I feel I need to lose around 10kg to feel better in myself and like how I look again. My BMI is up and I am in the overweight category.

My problem is, I love food. I was probably eating more like 2500 calories daily up until this point. For two weeks I’ve been on a calorie controlled diet of 1430 cals per day and honestly, I feel absolutely starving ALL the time, PLUS I’ve lost a total of 0lb so far! I have confided in some friends who took a look at the foods I was logging on MFP and they said I am eating way too many carbs / too little protein and that is why I am feeling miserable / hungry. I probably need to eat nearer 1200cals to start losing, and I need to adjust what I’m eating.

I struggle with knowing which foods are good/bad and some of the replacements suggested are not things I like the taste of (eggs!) so I am considering Huel. Does it have everything I need for a balanced diet? If I swapped to a huel bar for breakfast and a huel readymade drink for lunch that would be 650calories, leaving me 550 calories for my dinner which I would hope to eat as normal.

Basically any advice / similar experiences very much welcome.

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Hello :slight_smile:

Firstly I would recommend working out your actual calories using the tdee calorie counter you can find through google. Itll give you your average calories and then subtract 500. Itll tell you everything on the site.
Personally 1200 calories just isnt enough and you will be starving.
I’m on approx 1680 calories a day and by bed time I feel like I’ve eaten loads during the day even including my shakes. I have one or two shakes a day and I drink just under 3 litres of water a day also.

Some people have gone 100% huel.
For me having up to two shakes a day and an evening meal is perfect because by the evening I am missing the taste of real food. But I’ve been on huel a week now and i have more energy and I’m sleeping better. I feel great for it.

Hello welcome & congratulations on baby!

May I suggest you check out a guy called James Smith, look for James Smith Academy on Facebook / Instagram / google LOADS of videos ref weight loss, weight loss for women specifically, nutrition, exercise & has a free to use app to determine your TDEE daily calories (as mentioned above) / protein goals / exercise ideas - option to pay to have him be your online personal trainer etc.

He has a no B.S approach & is frankly excellent.


You’ve answered all of your own questions and seem to have your head screwed on. :blush: Don’t think there’s a whole lot anyone can add.

One thing I will say though, when you’re in a caloric deficit you will feel starving. That’s the idea. That’s what loses the weight!

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