Been using huel for 1year

OK from last March ive been using huel maybe 4/5 meals a week, ive had weeks off and weeks back on, so my question and problem is, after making a shake, 3 scoops of huel and 1 scoop protein shake, trying to make it thick im still hungry. I also havent worked out how many huel shakes 3 scoops of huel per shake, how many i would need for make 3000cal per day? also anyone had problems with low energy on huel or stomach problems?

any advice would be great thanks

I noticed when i was using huel for every meal every day for a period of around 3 weeks, after around day 10 i was extremely thirsty all the time. I drink lots of water too, yet i would wake up with really bad dry mouth and just generally be very thirsty throughout the day. When i switch back and eat normal food i never get the extreme thirst feeling. Quite strange

Just thought now it could possibly be a lack of saliva because i was rarely chewing anything ?

I think the Huel team should start looking more into how their product is digested, and how the energy in their product (assuming there is enough) is released, as I’m reading quite a few issues on this topic (people feeling tired after eating Huel and I experience it myself).

I get the suspicion (and only a suspicion), that the problem is, the product requires more energy, than normal food, to digest and coupled with too slow release of energy, or the product lacks energy, is what makes us :sleeping: after eating it.

If you’re having 3-scoop(approx. 400 cals) shakes of huel, with water, you’d need about 6 of those to get 3k calories. If you add milk, soya, blend something in or add a scoop of protein then you’ll have to do that math yourself!

I’m also hitting the 3k and do so with 4 of those shakes(I mix mine with 50/50 soya milk myself, and creatine in one), a banana, nuts and Maxi-progain flapjacks.

And for what it’s worth, I find Huel burns nice and clean and adds notable energy for me, rather than drain it shrug

Any issues with water, I’ve also experienced the feeing of being dehydrated after using huel, my goals at the start was to increase energy and clean up my diet but still sticking with it trying to iron out any problems

Somewhat, but I drink a lot of water anyways. I would definitely advise someone to not actually view Huel as their couple of litres a day. It does leave a somewhat ‘filmy’ feeling in the mouth, and consuming it doesn’t really feel like hydrating myself.

Also, I find chewing gum to be a lot more valuable these days!

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