Happy with my Sample - and questions for going full time on Huel

Hi all,

Just wanted to drop in and say I’ve just had my first Huel in the form of a 100g sample packet.

Found it pretty nice although a bit lumpy after only using a protein shaker, but nothing too problematic.

I’m now thinking about making a bigger order but have a few Q’s

How hungry do you get only drinking Huel? I was pretty hungry still soon after and was able to eat my regular dinner about an hour later.

Does it sustain you through a weight workout? Would it be suitable as a post workout shake, or would I be better off with some type of liquid protein on its own?


I personally find it keeps me going better if I drink is more gradually throughout the day. If I have a full meal’s worth (e.g. a 3rd of my day’s calories) in one go, I would feel bloated but then be hungry again about 3 hours later. I think powdered food is much easier to digest, as there is less work for the stomach to do, so your stomach is probably empty again sooner. I don’t know how true this is though. But this is just my experience.

I tend to make about 3 L of it for all day apart from dinner. I have 1 L for breakfast, then two hours later I start having 250ml every hour. That works really well for me, and is just my own personal way of consuming it.

I’ve been on huel for the past two days and can honestly say I’m surprised how not hungry I’ve been.
Only issue I’ve been getting is craving for flavours as I got vanilla and I really want savoury flavours at the moment.
I’m doing 5huel a day, a meal and two protein shakes as the calories aren’t close to enough for weight gaining.
Considering the average male has a daily allowance of 2500kcal.
Recommend doing a calorie calculator and seeing how much you’d need.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. I think you might be onto something regarding drinking it slowly.

I went to the gym after my Huel b2b dinner feed tonight and I could feel it all trying to come up!

I’m sure its nothing to do with the Huel - just that I had it too quickly then ate a big meal.

Will wait until after Christmas before making a decision about making a big order.

I think you have to think about what time you have it. If you have your huel and then wait a few hours before the gym it would be better and then have a larger huel meal after to give the muscles the protein and to replace lost carbs.

maybe have a shot of coffee about 30 minutes before workout as your pre workout (it takes 45 minutes for the caffeine in coffee to kick in so that your peak will end up being in the middle of the first half of the workout) and then your larger huel as a post workout possibly with a little extra pea or rice protein isolate to boost protein scores.

You don’t want to be full of food pre workout