First Month using Huel

Heya guys,

Just wanted to post for people who may be on the fence about trying Huel.

This stuff is a miracle if you want to do a calorie controlled diet, I started using this twice a day to replace Breakfast and Lunch for 2 scoops. This probable isn’t for everyone but i have really good will power not to snack, so it paved the way for good progress with one 700 calorie evening meal generally on the healthy side.

Combining this with 4 days a week at the gym for 30 minutes lead to me losing weight at a rate which i could control.

Before this i was stuck at around 14 stone and could not seem to get past that barrier. After sticking to the above for just over a month now im nearly one stone down and noticing the benefits of having a good macro balance in the gym.


I would whole heatedly recommend this product to anyone, It even tastes okay, I mean dont be expecting a lovely vanilla/Berry milk shake or anything as it not miracle powder :slight_smile:

Hope this helps anyone who is not sure if they want to try it take that first step.



And don’t you find that you hardly need willpower now when it comes to not snacking?


Thanks so much, Tim. This means a heck of a lot to us. Keep up the great work and keep us posted on your progress :blush:

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So your doing 2scoops for each meal? Just for breakfast and lunch? I might give that a go, now I’m no mathematical genius so how many calories is in 2scoops?

I’m basically doing the same as you but with 3 scoops, but do X3 HIIT session X2 strength sessions a week

I need to weigh myself on Friday to see where I’m at, last time I weighed was at 104kg

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2 scoops is approx 300 calories

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You my sir are a legend thankyou!!

It does get easier with time :slight_smile:

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For my exact breakdown:
2x scoops or 80 grams which as din stated is around 300 calories.
I gain a few extra calories by using a 2:1 ration of Water/Almond milk.
so my shakes generally work out in the 330-350 calorie region.

I find the Almond milk make everything taste alot nicer especially with the berry mix, if you want a very simple way to improve taste.

My Gym Routine is 2-3 session’s of mixed weights/Cardio and then 1-2 days of pure Cardio generally endurance, i try for 3 miles or so as i dont want to dedicate my life to the Gym or spend to much time there :joy:

Hope this helps.


Just want to help a person that might not want to take the plunge, find this positive change that can make all the difference :sweat_smile:

That’s perfect thank you, I’ve been doing like 3 scoops like I said but I may give 2scoops a go :slightly_smiling_face:. Well done on your hard work by the way!

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I’m just approaching week 5 - I started straight away with two scoops of Huel at breakfast and lunch and an evening meal of 1000 calories (maximum). I have dropped 19 lbs in that five weeks, and I am consistently losing at least 2 lbs a week.

My absolute favourite is 2 scoops of berry Huel, 100g of frozen berries and one medium banana, blended and chilled over night - it’s absolutely delicious!

I won’t give you my full story (if you’re interested, my diary can be found here) but I’m a very happy user of Huel (even if I don’t always come across that way :wink: )