Leanne's Huel diary

Hi everyone.

I started using Huel yesterday, along with my husband.

I thought I would keep a diary of it here as I like reading others, also feel like the majority of Huel “users” are male (i could be wrong!), so quite nice to hear it from a women’s perspective.

I am a busy working Mummy so love the convenience of Huel, but I will be using it mainly to aid my weight loss and help me calorie count.



Day 1: Saturday 10th June.

Breakfast: 2.5 scoops of vanilla huel with 500ml of water. Chocolate taster sachet, really enjoyed it.

Lunch: 2.5 scoops of vanilla huel with 500ml of water. Strawberry taster sachet, horrible!!!

Overall thoughts: First day went well, I had a sugar dip whilst cooking dinner but I got on with it. Felt quite thirsty.


Day 2: Sunday 11th June
Breakfast: 2 scoops of huel with 500ml of water, toffee flavour system added… loved it! One of my face.
Lunch: 2.5 scoops of huel and 500ml of water, drank it as it came, good old vanilla.

Thoughts: Tasted fine, toffee was lovely. Much prefer the shakes whizzed up and left in the fridge for a bit, much thicker.
I felt very hungry today and went over cals on my dinner. Tomorrow should be easier with the school/work routine.

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How do you find 2 scoops with 500ml water? I imagine its very runny??

Also may be worth measuring the huel instead of scoops that way you know your definite calories.

I never use less than 3 scoops for 500ml: I don’t think makes sense to get less then 400 kcalories on each meal

I find using 3 scoops too thick/filling for me (hubby has 3 so I have tried).
2.5 is what I now use after a little experimenting with 2 scoops.
2.5 scoops is about 402 ish cals, I’m not being really particular about it.


Day 3: Monday 12th June.
Breakfast: 2.5 scoops of vanilla huel with the banana favouring. I liked it but wouldn’t go crazy for it.
Lunch: 2.5 scoops of vanilla huel with half a banana and 2 strawberries.

Thoughts: Loved adding the fresh banana will be doing that again for sure.

Day 4: Tuesday 13th June.

Breakfast: 2.5 scoops of vanilla huel with 500ml. Added half a banana. Loved it. So satisfying.

Lunch and dinner were “normal food”.

weigh in day and I have lost 4lb since last Tuesday


Day 5: Wednesday 14th June.

Breakfast: Skipped (mum life can be crazy!)
Lunch: 2.5 scoops of huel in 500ml of water.
Cacao flavour added.

Normal dinner.

Thoughts: I really missed my breakfast shake! Fancy that.
I’m really enjoying the shakes, no tummy issues, feeling positive that this really is something o can stick too.


How’s it going? Are you still using Huel to help with calorie counting?

I am about to start on Huel, when it arrives in a couple of days! I’m hoping to lose weight on it as well crosses fingers