My first week of Huel 100% (kind of)

So I have finished my first week of Huel, Monday to friday I had breakfast of 500 cal, then a 200 cal lunch and another 500 cal for dinner. My diet used to be a complete disaster and I feel totally fine after doing it for a week. I have had major cravings for fast food but I am hoping that will pass.
Just a couple of bits of feedback on the product that I think would make it much better to use.
The bags are difficult to zip up (which we are already aware of), this could use some improvement. The main thing for me is that each bag should come with it’s own scoop and the scoop should be exactly 100 cal when levelled. This would mean we don’t need to use scales (unless you wanted to be extremely precise).
I don’t have scales so I have just been working with 3 scoops = 500 cal(ish).
TIP FOR CONSUMPTION : I have found in the morning it is great if you make your shake then mix in a double espresso with a tea spoon of coconut oil. It makes it slightly warm and is a nice break from the pure vanilla flavour.

Hi Aaron

Coffee mixed with huel sounds good to me, I may give it a try tomorrow.

It would be really helpful to have one scoop = 100 calories, but I bought scales specifically because of huel also for different reason. When I have something with Huel (vegetables, eggs etc) I just count how much calories are left and mix exact amount. But for someone having only Huel with nothing else that would be super helpful.

Keep it up!:slight_smile:

Hi Aaron! Great to hear about your Huel experience. A few things to contribute:

Firstly, have you calculated your own personal caloric recommendations? 1200kcal sounds awfully low. You can calculate your amounts here - I am just worried you aren’t getting 100% nutrition.

Secondly, we are aware of the bag problem and are in the process of coming up with a new bag design! Don’t worry!

Thirdly, we don’t want to contain a scoop in each bag because of the huge increase in waste. If you receive a scoop once, as long as you don’t lose it or break it you will be fine. We have sold something like 30,000 bags of Huel, imagine many of those bits of plastic would have been thrown into landfill! However, if you have lost or broken it, just email us and we will include one in your order.

The problem with creating a 100kcal scoop is that everyone’s scooping is different and it depends on how much you pack down the Huel. I’ll certainly mention it to Julian and see what he says! In the mean time look on this table to see how much one scoop currently is -

P.S. Coffee is awesome in Huel!

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