2019 - Day One Done New To Huel!

Happy new year all.

So I thought I would share my experience from day one. I have had the following:

  • 3 Scoop Breakfast - Coffee flavour.
  • 3 Scoop Lunch - Berry Flavour
  • 4 Litres of water.
  • Couple of light snacks.
  • Normal home cooked dinner.

1950 Caloris in total, when my maintain is 2407, based on my height, weight and activity level.

First day not eating chocolate or anything I would normally give into, while my wife finishes the after eights and Christmas snacks.

So how do I feel:

I am used protein shakes so the texture and consumption I felt was better that your average shaker shake. I felt the shakes have been a bit to watery with the recommended water amount, but this is personal preference. I am trying the fridge technique for tomorrows breakfast, with a slightly less amount of water.

Do I fee hungry? Yes
Do I feel bloated? No
Feeling like I am going to get the toilet explosions? No

I have tried two consume more water/squash to quash the hungry feeling but I guess I need a few days to let things settle down and see if I need to up the scoop amount.

In general a positive experience, however I was expecting the berry flavour to be stronger so a little disappointed in that.

Hope this is of some use.


Happy Huel Year! It sounds like you’re off to a great start.

If you’re serious about counting calories using Huel, I’d recommend investing in a cheap pair of digital scales. I found using the scoop to be wildly different each time when I weighed it. Using the scales I can be sure I’m getting 100g so I’m having 400 cals per serving. 500ml water seems about right to me with 100g Huel.

I tend to put ice cubes in and mix in a nutribullet, that gives really good results. I use the shaker on its own sometimes, but it’s not my preferred method.

I was still a bit hungry on day one, but I’m sure you’ll find it a lot easier as you stick with it. I’m aiming at around 1950 cals a day also, and unless I got mad on the exercise I really don’t feel hungry at all now.

Keep up the great work :+1:t2:

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Thank you sir, agreed I did purchase some scales as I thought it was a bit hit and miss with the scoops, and I was paranoid that I would increase my weight rather than reduce it which is my overall goal.

I am finding adding the water first then the power for me seems to make a big difference. The texture seems to mix better if you do water, powder, water.

However the biggest thing I have noticed on day 2 is the fridge affect. I made it last night and had it for breakfast and nearly straight away I could feel it was more satisfying and filling so I am hoping the hunger feel will be less today. In addition its a gym day today so I am keen to see how I feel during/after that.

Going to get a week over and then maybe start blending some banana or mixed berries with the vanilla flavour which seems to be popular.


Yeah having Huel chilled is a must. I just buy a giant bag of ice cubes for £1 from Tesco so I can blend for the instant chill.

In the morning I blend with a frozen banana so I don’t need the ice cubes. That makes for a nice texture with the Vanilla Huel.

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