Day 1 on Huel - A Weightless Journey

Day 1

Intro: This is Day 1 on Huel. I decided to start this thread as one, i can give honest feedback on the product and two it will hopefully help me stick to the diet. The initial plan is 10 scoops a day split between 4 shakes, 3-2-3-2 split throughout the day. Maybe its a bit crazy but i thought what the hell, commitment and willpower will see me through lol!

About me: I am male, 32 years old, 5ft 8 and when i weighed myself this morning 18st 4 pounds (256 pounds or 116kg depending of your preference). The goal is to get to approximately 12 and a half stone. My reason for choosing Huel was its a simple way to calorie count. I don’t have the time or energy to weigh everything i eat and to spend time choosing foods based on their nutritional value. I always just give up and eat big meals, lose no weight and give up. I am hoping Huel can be the catalyst i need to stick to a diet!

Thoughts so far. After reading a few forum threads i really had no idea what to expect. So many positive and negative things being said. I was pleased with the purchasing experience, easy enough to order, only minor complaint being that the discount codes you can get don’t work on recurring orders when you place the order, minor thing and you can get that sorted by emailing the team at Huel and they will add the discount to the next recurring order. The only other thing being you have to have your order in weeks. I worked out i will run out in 18 days so either need to have to much or too little. Again not a major thing.

Delivery was fine, no issues like some have mentioned. My Huel was well packaged, had the free t-shirt, shaker and scoops in the box. I felt the included paperwork was not necessary though, the company is very pro environment and what not and includes a booklet and glossy a4 thing with recipes on, that stuff could defo be on the website and was not needed in the box. Maybe thats just me though.

The Shake. Not sure what all the fuss is with the shaker, perhaps having spent a bit of time in the gym and drinking lots of protein shakes i was used to the style of shaker and mixing but i found it mixed well. No lumps or leaks at all. I mixed my first one this morning quite runny and it went down fine. The vanilla taste is quite subtle, more of an oath porridge breakfast cereal sort of taste i thought. I will play around with flavours in the future though. Day 1 just wanted to go natural. Second the same and third little thicker, no issues at all with both going down well. It’s not the nicest thing i have drank but i have definitely had worse.

I have one more shake to go later when i get home but so far so good. I have not felt hungry which has surprised me. I thought being a rather overweight foot lover i would be starving by lunchtime but thats not been the case.

I will try to keep this updated as best i can, sort of blog style. Hopefully it might inspire some others to stick to their diets as well.

All the best,



Good read this,

Having not bought the product yet it’s a good read and help to understand how your going through the product. Read both pros and cons of the product and what was worrying me is the price where I would be spending 40 pound on 28 days. If I wanted to use 3 shakes a day it’s equaling 19 days worth of product.

But willing to make that chance if it works!

I am on day 3 of a full Commitment to Huel. 3-3-3-3 (scoops). i am 1.93m (6’4") and 120kg (19st…give or take) My big downfall is fast food and snacks …mmmmmmm. Ahem. I am astonished at how there is no apparent hunger! I attend the gym every day and am also astonished as to how much energy I have working out. Long may this continue.
Good luck to you pal, I shall keep an eye on your progress.

Day 5

Still on the diet, have not cracked yet. Except i am not going 100% Huel. I lasted until Day 3 before needing food.

I have switching to a 3 scoop breakfast and a 2 scoop lunch totalling 750 calories allowing for a 750 calorie dinner. Mainly chicken and veg or chicken and noodles, that sort of basic meal. Nothing fatty or too high in carbs.

I have been a lot happier since the switch.

The shakes are still mixing fine. I think the complaints are definitely a case of experience and expectations. Its not going to be a super smooth 100% lump free shake, its basically runny porridge. Not sure what people expect.

After a few days the taste gets a little boring but i expected that. I will start to spice them up down the line by adding some flavours i think but for now its fine.

Proud i have made it this far, the weekend was tough, i looked at the crisps and chocolate bars in the cupboards more than once and although tempted i managed to have a little willpower for a change.

Looking forward to the first weigh in on Thursday, hoping for a few pounds off to help keep up the motivation up for another week.

Stay strong fellow dieters, we will get there one day!


Good luck, how’re you finding it now? Have you had your first weigh-in? I’m starting 100% Huel this week