Huel arrived, let's see how we go

Hi All

I’ve been following this product with interest over the past couple of weeks and decided to take the plunge after trying a sample.

As a bit of background info:

I’m an emergency services worker as primary employment so work long varied shifts, I also run a small web design business from home in my free time as well as having primary school aged children!

I genuinely don’t have much free time because of all of this and don’t always have the time to prepare meals although I am a competent cook. I often go for speed and convenience by either raiding the snack box in our refs room or grabbing a pre packed sandwich! I’m hoping that I can lose some weight with huel and hopefully save some money as the convenience foods that I currently eat are costly.

I’m a big guy, currently weigh in at 135.4kg and 6ft 5" tall, rugby player build :wink: I would like to get to around 110kg, not really interested in going lower than this as my mass often helps in my line of work!

My only real source of exercise is mountain biking, on average I go out around once a week for a 15 mile off road ride, my heart rate monitor averages around 160bpm for the 90 minutes or so i’m out so it’s a reasonable workout. I’m not particularly into gyms as I like fresh air!

My main concern is with variety and I think this is what i’m going to struggle with the most, I’m not the kind of person that can eat the same thing over and over, I do like to change things up a bit. Does anyone have a similar issue that they have overcome?

I’ve never done this before, in fact I’ve never tried to lose weight before but I feel now is a good time to start :slightly_smiling:

I just started as well. Although I have been using competitors products for some time.
Good luck with the weight loss project, a good tip is to spice it up with lots of ginger and chili.

First week in!

I’ve been using huel twice a day, no adverse affects. I’m enjoying the taste and haven’t really been very adventurous other than adding the occasional banana or shot of coffee. I’ve cut out any snacks and I only have 2 coffees a day.

I have had occasional hunger pangs, I put this down to me drinking huel to quickly and not spreading it out.

I’ve been using myfitnesspal to track my calories which was quite frankly eye opening. I’ve been trying to stick to a weight loss calorie intake of 2000 calories which should mean I lose around 0.75kg each week. A couple of days I fell off the 2k calorie wagon but I knew I would as I was a little oblivious to how much calories are in some foods and I had a pre arranged night out.

I currently weigh 133.5kg, I weighed 135.4kg 7 days ago so this is a pretty impressive weight loss! I’ve logged a few weights this week and my scales are decent Omron ones so it should be fairly accurate. I was expecting a decent loss as it’s the first week but we’ll see how it goes and i’ll readjust calorie intake as necessary.

I’ll certainly be placing another order of Huel :slight_smile:

7 weeks in now!

Huel is now a daily part of my life that requires absolutely no thinking about, it is so easy, I prepare 2 meals the night before and look forward to drinking them the next!.

I can say with confidence that Huel will definitely be a permanent fixture in my diet. The main benefit beside the weight loss is my hugely increased energy levels, I feel great! Mountain biking is becoming easier every time I go out and I’ve even started using the gym to make use of some of my excess energy!

My orders are now on subscription so it costs me around £80 per month for 2 meals a day. Easy, beneficial and inexpensive.

For anyone interested, my weights since starting:

17/01 - 298.5lbs
22/01- 297lbs
30/01 - 293lbs
05/02 - 291.2lbs
10/02 - 287.3lbs
17/02 - 282.4lbs
24/02 - 280.6lbs
03/03 - 277.6lbs

20.9lbs lost so far

not bad going, cheers huel :slightly_smiling: