Just made my 1st order

Hi all, just made my first order, I am 56 years old and am trying to lose weight. I am currently 19 stone (266 pounds) and am 5’10" tall, most of the weight is on my stomach. This is mainly to do with my eating habits, which are terrible. I am a chips with everything person. I tried a couple of pre made shakes from a local petrol station to check the taste, had banana and chocolate so far, and was pleasantly surprised, liked the chocolate a bit more.

The main reason for the post is to say hi, and to ask for any tips or things that the more seasoned users of Huel for losing weight might be able to pass on.

I look forward to sharing my weight loss journey with you all and hope this post is the first of many.


Hi, I just wanted to say hello. Huel is not a wander product to help you loose weight but I find its easy to calculate the calories you are eating when using Huel. I have so far enjoyed using Huel and I can eat anything from 1 -4 portions of Huel a day. I have lost a couple of KGs over the last month and im quite happy with my progress. I had to introduce Huel to my diet gradually as its the best way for your body to get used to it. I have tried about 3 different flavours of the powder and 3-4 flavours of RTD. I enjoy Hot and Savory to. I refrain from having Huel in social situations but have had quite a bit of Huel over the last few months and have enjoyed it on the whole. Good luck.

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Thanks for the reply, I have been reading a few posts now, and am not expecting miracles, I also will be introducing it gradually as I think it makes sense. I struggle with counting calories and I will use it to make it easier to control my calorie intake.

I’m feeling optimistic about the next few weeks and will be sensible in my expectations.

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Hey Steve, welcome to the forum and to the Huel team! Sounds like you’ve ordered yourself some Ready-to-drink I presume, after trying them from the petrol station? You’re in good hands as there are so many people here who have done exactly what you’re wanting to do and can offer advice.

I wrote some advice here which I would very much apply to you to, regarding losing weight with Huel. Please click through and have a read of the bullet points! I think they will really help you too.

Keep us posted how you get along! :blush:

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Thanks for the info Tim, made me realise how important even a little excersise can be.

Well I had a nice surprise today, I have not weighed myself in months, so I was just guessing at 266 pounds as that was what I was at the last time I looked. So when checking my initial weight on starting my new diet I found that I am actually 248 pounds. Still need to lose a lot but made my day all the same.


Welcome and well done :+1:
Huel is definitely a great help when counting calories and keeps you full. Good luck on your journey. :blush:

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