Ordered first batch

I have ordered my first batch of Huel. Not heard of it before but think I saw an ad on Facebook. I tend to try and lose at least a stone before holidays on France byeating healthier and cycling. Last year I used a nutribullet and was using mainly fruits and flax seed powder. I did a bit of experimenting and was getting good and different shakes and feeling healthier. I did manage to lose weight but is an expensive way to do it and I was probably getting too much sugar from the fruit.
This year I have started late and currently lost 9lbs by eating better and cycling to work and back (40 miles) a few times a week. I’ve been eating healthier but still probably eating too much and enjoy a beer in the evening. My holiday starts in 3 weeks and hoping to lose another 7lbs before I go. I’ve ordered the 28 day pack and hoping to replaced one meal to start with and then 2 meals with a normal evening meal. I’ve been reading the forum all day so got a good idea what to expect. I do like sweet stuff and usually have a porridge for breakfast with some honey, flaked almonds and raisins in it and worked out Huel with be similar nutritionally but with 0g sugars instead of 18g and 36g protein instead of 12g.
This should be better when I’m cycling as the protein will help with muscle repair and strength hopefully. I usually cycle to work without breakfast and have it straight away at work to help strengthen and repair, I use approx 700 calories cycling to work so a 3 scoops of Huel should be similar to porridge although I might not have it all at once reading some posts.
I’m 41, 5’10" and 11st 10lbs currently and have got down to 11st before which is a good weight for me so hoping to get there this time although I’m leaving it a bit late but may take it with me on holiday as I usually put on around 1 stone on hols (4 weeks) as I drink beer a lot :slight_smile:
I’ll update the thread but hoping for good things as I don’t really eat greens and think too much fruit isn’t that good for you (sugars)


Welcome on board.

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Welcome to the Huel forum. Thank you for sharing the experience and keep us posted on how you are getting along. Don’t forget to use the search bar to see if anyone else is talking about what is on your mind.

Will do. Hopefully it was delivered today.

I was a bit disappointed it didn’t get delivered today but the neighbour came round with it :slight_smile:

I am on my bike tomorrow cycling to work (19 miles) so got the shaker and 2 x 100g servings and I’ll mix and leave in fridge at work. I’m weighing myself in the morning which also uploads my body fat which is currently 21%. I’m looking to get down to nearer 15% but probably won’t get near that before holidays.
I’m probably going to be hungry as cycling is approx 700 calories as I average around 19mph so will have to have a banana when I get to work at 7.
Wish me luck :relaxed:

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I’ve had my first drink this morning, a nice bike ride followed by 100g Huel & 400ml water with a spoon of instant coffee and tasted OK, I would prefer blended but was fine in the shaker. I also had a banana as want to go until 12pm and usually get hungry when I have been on the bike and burned around 700 calories. I might possibly need 3 scoops when on the bike but will see.
I also got one of the Breville blenders so will be using that and taking it on holidays with me.
I have prepared my lunch and put it in the fridge, another 100g (410 cals).
So far so good :slight_smile:

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First day with Huel, had one for breakfast with a banana and one for lunch (100g) and had crisps as a snack and fish for tea (on its own) and another banana and a couple of cups of coffee. I have logged my food on Fitbit and it’s showing I’ve had 1425 calories. I cycled in and am cycling home which around 1300 calories in total, my daily calorie burn should be around 2500 and looks like I will be around 2300 short. My daughter is making a banana cake (not with Huel) so will have a few calories then but might have a Huel snack later on if I’m hungry. At this rate I’ll be wasting away :relaxed:

Second day now, got my flavours yesterday so have blended 2 ready for today using the Breville blender that is recommended. I’ve gone for choc and strawberry today. :relaxed:
Went to bed but didn’t feel tired last night and was awake at 5am (mainly wheezing from hay fever) but didn’t feel tired so got up so noticed a change already, even with only 6 hours sleep.
I will be having Huel for breakfast and lunch and have got some banana cake for a snack and chicken/salad for tea. I got on the scales this morning and it was at 11st 9.1lb but too early to tell as weight usually fluctuates every day. A good start to the Huel experiment and looking forward to making some Huel biscuits etc when I get more time next week. A positive start with no side effects :smiley:
After reading lots of positives on here I have a new slogan for Huel
’Change your food, change your life’

Day 3 - Had 2 Huel 100g yesterday and ate well apart from a slice of Banana cake and 3 beers last night :grin:
Got on the scales this morning an 11st 7.9lb so over 1lb yesterday :relieved:
Went on the scales twice and gave the same reading so happy with that, I think it must be cutting out bread/potatoes that is having a dramatic effect. On the bike again today so all good :wink:

Day 5 and all going good, 11st 7.4lb and 19.9% body fat so happy with that.

Day 6 and still having Huel for breakfast and lunch. 2 friends have also ordered some but didn’t use my discount link :disappointed:
Down to 11st 7lbs and 20% fat which is the minimum I wanted to lose before hols but should be able to get to 11st in a couple of weeks.
Had a pub lunch Friday with a few beers (Steak & chips) so not going without and some rocky road the daughter made so not starving myself :slight_smile:
No issues so far and all good. :blush:

I am still on Huel for breakfast and lunch and still going good. I used it virtually everyday on holiday in France and kept well even though it was pretty hot.
I didn’t put as much weight on during the holidays due to using Huel and cycling more which was good.
I am currently 11.5 stone and wanting to get to around 11 stone which shouldn’t be too difficult but still eating normally, occasional pizza, Sunday roast, Full breakfast but in moderation. I am also cycling around 100 miles per week but gets harder during winter which is an extra 3000 calories per week so I am trying not to put any weight on during the winter months.

I’m still on Huel and been using it most days. I have been working nearly every day so been having porridge for breakfast, Huel bar & fruit for lunch and Huel shake for tea. I am on my bike trying to get fit for the Fred Whitton challenge in May so Huel has been helping me keep the weight off and using it as a recovery shake for breakfast when cycling to work on my bike (19 miles) which I am trying to do 2-3 times per week.
I went away last weekend to Budapest so started with a 3 course meal Thursday night in the Hotel and ate/drank all weekend so had a blow out before getting back in to the routine.
I am currently just over 11 stone so keeping the weight off although I’d like to get down to 10.5 stone before May which will mean I will need to stay off the treats soon :no_mouth:
Huel has been great and I still enjoy a decent meal but for convenience and helping keeping healthy I can’t fault the product and enjoy the bars as a snack and will be using these on my long bike rides.

I have completed my cycling challenge on Sunday and it went well and the weather was great. I cycled 112 miles and 11,000ft climbing around the lakes, I kept down to 11 stone although a few days before I had to carb up and ate lots of bad stuff :slight_smile:
Now I need to keep my weight down and get a beach body, it would be nice to get down to 10.5 stone but I like my treats and beer so will see how it goes. Still loving Huel and helps me keep fit and allows me not to feel guilty if I have a takeaway or beer as I know I am getting lots of good stuff when I have Huel.

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2 years in and still using Huel, usually Granola and a banana for breakfast, a bar for lunch with an apple and a normal tea unless I’m at work then I will have a 3 scoope shake.
I have quite a lot of Vanilla to use as some of it is out of date but still tastes great. I did get some coffee flavour but wasn’t keen so have been mixing it with vanilla 50/50 and tastes better.
Huel has enabled me to manage my weight and currently around 11 stone and 17% fat. I was 12st 2lbs and 20% fat after xmas I as I don’t cycle much through winter but cycling and Huel is a great combination to get healthier and fitter after the festive period.
I always use a shaker now as I find I don’t need to use a blender and never suffered with any lumps (never used V2.2)
Thanks to Huel for constently listening to feedback and getting involved in the forums. One of the main reasons I chose Huel was it had a good community and are always improving the product range. I will be taking it away with me on holiday to France but I’m expecting to put weight on as a lot of beer is consumed. :grinning:
Even my daughter (15) is having a skae for breakfast/lunch and is much healthier and cheaper than a school lunch.