Just put in my first order

After watching videos and reading various blogs I decided to try the Black Edition Package.

Why am I doing this?

Basically I need to be more healthy and a combination of driving for a living and breaking my ankle 12 weeks ago has put my weight gain into overdrive.

Breaking my ankle couldn’t have come at a worse time as I was hitting my stride in exercise and doing 3-4 5k runs a week.

I was already overweight before I started driving but yeah I’ve put a lot of weight on. I’m about 5”5 and when I’ve gone on the scales this week I’m almost 14 stone.

I’m not really sure what to expect, my initial plan is to have a Huel breakfast/lunch and a main meal with family something I’m not sure I could stop doing.

My main problem is snacking between meals I need to stop eating 4-5 Penguin chocolate bars a day plus a pack of crisps and anything else :weary:

Also takeouts I probably have one or two week.

My ankle is ok now I’m starting to go on walks every day but not sure how long it will be until I can back running again.

Not sure why I’ve wrote this but hopefully it will help and be a first step into getting myself healthier.


Well my Huel arrived around 3pm today I was surprised to see it turn up on a Sunday of all days.

Sorted everything out and just had my first Huel I went for Salted Caramel which I blended and put in the fridge as per the recommendations I’ve read.

Just had it and at first the taste was strange but the more I drank It the more I thought it was nice.

I have made up my breakfast Huel for the morning and it’s in the fridge interested to taste it after it’s been in the fridge for about 12 hours and is chilled.

This is my experience with Huel too. When I first had it I wasn’t sure about the taste. I didn’t hate it but it took some getting used to. 6 months later and I really love the taste and texture now. If you’re unsure about it at first I really recommend sticking with it because it’s worth it once you get to the stage of enjoying it, everything becomes so much more convenient.

Good luck with it. I always feel really good about myself when I’m craving takeaway and have Huel instead.

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This is why Huel stopped doing samples


Understandable really.

Thanks for the inspiration :blush:

Having watched about 100 YouTube videos yesterday I sort of know there’s going to be an adjustment period with my body getting used to it.

My aim is to replace breakfast and lunch and then have a normal dinner/tea but cut down on the portions.

Hey James, welcome to the team! What you’ve been through sounds really frustrating, just when you’re starting to get into an exercise rhythm and starting to enjoy it too. Had a few niggly injuries like this, but nothing as bad as a fracture. Good that you’re on the mend, take it easy, perhaps try and find something with less impact than running until you’re fully recovered.

This sounds perfect. As you’ve watched on YT, you should ease into this too over a few weeks. It’s definitely going to help with your snacking, most people are quite surprised by how full Huel makes them.

Keep us updated here with how you’re getting along. If you have any questions have a read around the forum as I’m sure someone would have asked it before and would love to help you out!

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