Day one as a Hueligan

Well where to start!

I work for myself and while reasonably active I’ve been struggling with my weight for years. I’m 5ft 11 and currently 16.5 stone so clearly need to lose a lot of weight.

I exercise quite a lot, I run and have a personal training session at least once a week but no matter what I do I just can’t shift the weight!

So with that I thought I’d give Huel a go and my delivery arrived yesterday.

I’ve got the V3 vanilla and the banana and I started first thing this morning with my first shake for breakfast. I’ve got to say straight away that I was impressed. I followed the instructions to the letter and it was good. No lumps, nice flavour and easy and simple to make.

I’m planning on having two scoops for breakfast and two for lunch followed my a normal family meal in the evening. I’m going to update this thread with the results of my first week so wish me luck and check back soon to see how I’m doing.


Good luck buddy :slight_smile:

Yes, good luck from me too.
Just remember that Huel is not a weight loss product. I know several people who first lost weight on shake diets and were quite enthusiastic about it, but all of them regained at least as many pounds as they had lost in the first place.The primary purpose of Huel is convenience.

Thanks for sharing, James. You’ve got this!! Thank you as well for following the instructions to the letter :pray: the amount of people who don’t and then don’t get the best experience makes us all very sad here!

We have a guide here which might be useful. Remember Huel isn’t a magic formula, it’s simply 1) super nutritious so you get everything you need to thrive and 2) super easy to monitor calorie intake, which means you can be very precise with how much you’re eating. Hope that helps!

Yeah for me its about convenience. It makes it much easier to count calories and already I’ve noticed I’m full longer and just eating less.

I had the Hot & Spicy Chilly for lunch - delicious!

Welcome, Wiltsguy!

Good luck with your endeavours! Two things that might help…

  1. Make up your breakfast Huel the night before and overnight it in the fridge. So much yummier!

  2. I knocked some weight off through a combination of Huel and intermittent fasting. I stop eating by 8pm, and start again at noon the next day (known as the 16:8). My body loves it (once it got used to it) and it’s healthy to give the body a break from digesting so it can attend to cell regeneration, healing, repair and so forth.

Keep us posted…



I’ve been using Huel Black for around 6 months now and have lost just over a stone. I was hoping it would help me lose weight but looked at it more as a convenient lunch than me having toast or cereal which I used to do.

I have now paid more attention to what calories I am eating. I have a normal breakfast but now use a smaller bowl, I noticed by filling a larger bowl my calorie intake was massive in a morning. Simple enough fix by reducing the bowl size. I have one scoop of black huel and mix it with a banana for lunch as that is sufficient for me. I then have my evening meal with my family whether that is sausage and mash or a healthy salmon meal.

Losing a stone nice and steady has been really beneficial for me. I feel better about myself and more healthy.

What has worked for me is not setting up unrealistic goals. Make sure whatever you do it is sustainable.

Good luck to you.

Love these two points Matthew! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your weight loss.