Huel calories question. Personal experience :)

Huel question the “let’s get started” book says 3 level scoops of huel is 450 calories. The nutrition label on the bag says 1 cup or 127 grams of powder is 500 calories. By volume 3 scoops is 1 cup and when I weight 3 level scoops it’s right around 120 grams. Which is it 450 calories for 3 scoops or 500? When tracking calories I just assume 500. I’d rather be a little high on the calorie total in my app and end up eating a few less in reality than eat more and track less.

Been using huel for a few months now its helped me get from 260lbs to 218 and continuing my goal to 180lbs. Easy to make. The taste grows on you! I actually look forward to drinking huel now! At first it was a little weird, I’d try and chew the pancake like batter in my mouth now I thin it a little and down the whole bottle. I’ve also made my diet be on an 8/16. 8 hour window to get your calories in and 16 hour “fast” and I’ve noticed my weight dropping slightly faster dispite consuming the same amount of calories and no real change to my diet. I’m 100% huel mon-fri with my work schedule it works best for me. And 20-50% huel on the weekends so I can enjoy a nice sushi dinner with friends and be social at a meal instead of being the weirdo who only orders a water cup wishing they were eating with everyone else. I feel good much lighter than when I was forking sense food down my throat all the time. When I do reach my weight goal to add on calories through the week I’ll add solid nutritious meals instead of upping my huel but with it saving me so much money and time I might just up the huel! Solid product would reccomend and have recommended it to many people. When recommending I highly suggest dont be annoying about it and I didnt tell anyone about it until they asked me and have seen the weight loss and changes over time. Be a walking ad so to speak or dont talk about it, be about it


Hey Colby, great question. Yes the packaging instructions on the US label compared to the booklet (UK instructions) aren’t great. I’m sorry, this is my fault and I’m working with the US team on bringing them inline and making them super clear!

Basically on our Nutritional Facts section we have to provide the nutritional information in a standard household measure (a cup), I believe our scoops don’t count (:sob:). We are also made to do a little rounding up/down of calories to make it simple on the back, which due to our serving instructions actually causes more confusion!

So, what you need to know is this:

1g of Huel = 4kcal, therefore a 500kcal meal weighs 125g and 400kcal meal weighs 100g.

Can you get 400kcal in a cup? Yes
Can you get 500kcal in a cup? Yes

The point is that really it can be very varied. If you are looking to count calories you’re best to get out the scales.

Hopefully this helps and doesn’t confuse you further!


Thank you for clarifying!!

So what you’re sayign is that it would be a lot easier if America just adopted the metric system?


Working in inches (when I have to) really makes my blood boil :triumph:

When the metric system puts a man on the moon, maybe :wink:

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Is that in Centigrade or Fahrenheit?

Celsius :wink: