First time Huel user - Low Calorie Diet

Hi there,

So my batch of Huel came today and I have been trying to read more about measurements and calories etc but I wanted to make sure I had a good understanding as I am going to use Huel as a LCD.

I am planning on having either 1 scoop with 200mil milk or 2 scoops with 400mil water (for each meal) I have both sitting in the fridge and I will try them tomorrow see what I prefer and having it 4 times a day.

But for the calories, I assume it’s (roughly) the following;

1 scoop with 200ml semi-skimmed = 250cals
2 scoops with 400ml water =300 cals.

Is that a correct understanding?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Chris, welcome!
If you are calorie counting it’s best to get some digital kitchen scales and weigh the powder instead of measuring by scoops.
I’ve managed to get a scoop to weigh anywhere from 21g to 49g… so a massive difference in calories.
When you have scales, to simplify it is 400 calories per 100g (it does vary slightly depending which flavour you have but the difference is minimal)

In the meantime, when you scoop, pack the powder in, then level it off and you should get somewhere close to 38g which is 152 calories for Vanilla.
So - yes, 300 kcal for 2 scoops with water.
I don’t know the calories in milk but your bottle will tell you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Chris, great to have you on the team. Make sure you look at what your total calorie intake should be, rather than just choosing a nominal 1/2 scoop meal.

We have a guide here which is really useful!

The amount of calories you need depends on your gender, age, height, weight and activity levels. Use this calculator to calculate the amount of calories you need per day, then take 500kcal off to lose 1lb per week, and 1,000kcal to lose 2lb per week.

Hope this helps!

Thanks both. @Tim_Huel I’m planning/ have started doing a 1200cal diet which will consist of breakfast and 2x 100g shakes a day which will roughly be 400kcals.