Using Skimmed Milk and Losing Body Fat

Hi all,

I am a newcomer to Huel and received my vanilla powder two days ago. I have to say when I first mixed the powder with water, I really didn’t like the taste. Since then I have started to use 100% skimmed milk and now really like the taste.

The reason I wanted to try and use Huel, is in the past I never used to really eat all day until the night time, and then just ordered take away and wanted to try and get some healthy nutrition and vitamins in my diet.

My plan is to drink 2 shakes a day and then a healthish meal on the evening and then eventually going 100% Huel down the line.

My shake contains 400ml skimmed milk and 2 scoops of vanilla huel powder.

My question is, with the use of milk, and not water, will this help me lose body fat in the long term?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

From what I understand from the info I’ve read while looking at mixing various things with Huel, it’s all about the calories.

To lose weight with Huel at a rate of 1lb per week, you need to use 500 more calories than you consume per day.

Apparently 100ml of skimmed milk contains 34.2kcal. Two scoops of Huel is 304 calories.

So your daily intake on that plan would be 881.6. That’s probably too low unless you’re tiny already :wink: but you can use this calculator to work out the right amount.

…and a healthyish meal in the evening…which I guess is about 4-500 cals so about 1300-1400 cals. So assuming 2000cals intake is normal this should lose weight at around the 1lb a week.

Thanks for the help guys.

I am quite a small person anyways however I have a bit of belly flab so hope it will help to get this down a bit.



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i recommend trying to get used to drinking it with water. Milk always made me feel sluggish and is quite high in sugar.

Thanks Alex,

I was concerned about this as I understand having too much sugar in the diet is not good.

Any suggestions on how I can adapt the shake to make it more bearable?



I use 50/50 water and unsweetened oat or almond milk…this really works for me and I love the taste of this and 50/50 Huel unflavoured and Huel vanilla prepared the night before and refrigerated. Dairy milk isn’t great…unless you are a calf.

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Almond milk? Or maybe try 50/50 milk water… not tried it as I’m happy with water.

Try a spoonful of instant coffee and water only. Sounds crazy but tastes delicious

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caloric deficits alone is a terrible idea for losing weight. Weight training or exercise along with a small caloric deficit. emphasis on small, rapid weight loss is unhealthy and unsustainable.

I usually have 2 scoops (50:50 vanilla/UU) in 400ml of water blended with a hand blender inside the Huel shaker for a smoother consistency. I’ve found this really works for me (though it took a bit to get used to it). However recently I’ve tried swapping 100lm of the water for 100ml Alpro coconut (milk), which is only 20 cals and it gives it a lovely coconut taste, plus makes it more creamy. Making it with completely Alpro coconut (400ml) makes it super creamy, probably a bit much for me, but nice for ‘treat’ taste :slight_smile: